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Sachar Dental: The top rated dental practice in Manhattan!

Welcome to Sachar Dental! We are specialize in general and cosmetic dentistry. Our team of expert dentists are proud to have been called NYC best dental practice for many years. We take pride in being ethical and put our patients needs first. We have a passion for dentistry and is shows in our excellent bedside manner, expert diagnostic ability and our impeccable work. Whether you want relief from dental pain, come in for your routine dental cleaning, or a complete cosmetic smile makeover, we are the leading dentists in Manhattan.

Cosmetic Dentistry: We are experts and have extensive experience in cosmetic procedures. We specialize in: teeth whitening, bonding, porcelain veneers,  tooth colored filings, inlays and onlays, invisalign and clear braces, dental implants, gum-line re-contouring, crowns, and complete smile makeovers.

General and Family Dentistry: We recommend a proper examination and professional dental cleaning every six months for adults and kids. This ensures every patient maintains healthy teeth and gums for life and prevents gum disease and other oral health problems.

Orthodontics: We specialize in invisalign and clear braces to realign and move teeth for proper proper alignment and a beautiful smile. We treat teens and adults.

Restorative Dentistry: We are experts in the repair of missing, cracked, chipped, or broken teeth due to accidents, grinding, or gum disease. We perform dental implants, porcelain inlays and onlays, dental bridges, dentures, and dental crowns.

We use the most modern equipment and techniques including digital x-rays, BPA-free, non-toxic fillings and bondings and keep up to date through continuing education on the latest and most advanced techniques in the ever evolving practice of modern dentistry.

We are conveniently located in central Manhattan  on 46th street and Fifth Avenue just a short distance from Grand Central Station, Bryant Park, the Diamond District, and Rockefeller Center.

Call us today and discover why our doctors are the highest rated dentists in Manhattan (60+ 5 star reviews!).


Missing Teeth?

Strong, permanent replacement of lost teeth with dental implants



Straight, even teeth with fast, discreet and comfortable care!

Cosmetic teeth whitening procedure, what to expect from the patient point of view.

Today, I had a cosmetic teeth whitening procedure performed at Sachar Dental in Manhattan.  I was a little nervous prior to the procedure about what to expect.  Doctors Sachar and Wong took the time to explain in detail what I was about to go through.  The explanation put me at ease prior to performing the procedure.

I volunteered to write a guest blog to outline what I experienced today.

First, Dr. Sachar told me about the procedure.  She explained that the dental technician, Lucia, will first take pre-procedure pictures.  The next step would be to compare samples of tooth color to indicate what color my teeth were prior to the procedure.  At the end we would be able to repeat this and see how many shades lighter we achieved.

Then, she will prepare my mouth for the procedure.  It would include a spacer the holds my lips apart and the introduction of material to protect my gums.  She would then apply the hydrogen peroxide to my teeth 3-4 times for 15 minutes each.  She explained that some people get sensitivity and/or discomfort during the procedure.  If I experienced this, I should tell the technician where it bothers me and she will remove the peroxide slightly from that area.

This detailed explanation removed most of my anxiety prior to the procedure, but I still did not know how much discomfort I would have.  I am happy to say that during the procedure I had no pain and only slight discomfort from the spacer holding my lips apart for the duration of the procedure.

After the pictures were taken, Lucia took molds of my teeth in order to make trays that I will take home tomorrow to continue whitening at home.  The trays and take-home peroxide kit were included in the same price.  The molds for the trays went surprisingly easy.  I remember as a child gagging when the orthodontist did molds of my teeth for braces.  Today, there was no gagging and no discomfort.  I was pleasantly surprised how fast the mold hardened and was out of my mouth.

The next step involved a blue plastic piece that was inserted to hold my lips away from the teeth.  Again, there was no pain and no discomfort at first.  Toward the end of the procedure, there was slight discomfort from this piece however it was not bad.

Next, Lucia prepared my gums by protecting them with a material that hardened and kept the peroxide off of the sensitive gum area.  She used a light to cure the material.  I was given a pair of red safety goggles.  I assume this was to protect my eyes from the curing light, but also possibly to protect me from getting peroxide into my eyes.  Either way, I felt confident that my eyes were protected.

Next, Lucia applied the peroxide to my teeth on top and bottom.  To my surprise, there was no discomfort or sensitivity at all throughout the procedure.  Being a physician, I had the unfortunate experience of burning my skin with concentrated peroxide in my office in the past.  I guess a little knowledge can be dangerous.  I was expecting a similar burn today, however it never happened.  When I burned my hands with the concentrated peroxide in my office, I immediately felt pain in the skin, and the skin turned bright white and flaky.  The pain and white discoloration persisted for approximately 4-6 hours after I burned myself.  As you can imagine, I was slightly nervous with this in my mouth.  Again, I did not experience any burning today from the peroxide in my mouth.

Although the doctor said the application will be three times for 15 minutes each, it felt like it took longer. Lucia seemed to be very thorough and reevaluated areas of my teeth after each application.  She told me that she would apply the peroxide to certain areas more than other to make it look more even color.  I appreciated her diligence and commitment to making my outcome better. I felt like she spent a lot of extra time with me to ensure this.

Throughout the procedure, she was very thorough and making sure that the suction in my mouth removed the saliva such that I never felt like I was gagging or couldn’t breathe.  I was very appreciative of this as I have had bad experiences before with other dentists, with the gag reflex during dentistry work.

At the end of the procedure she removed the material protecting my gums and the plastic spacer.  I felt very relieved to have this out of my mouth and was very excited to look in the mirror and see my significantly improved, whiter teeth.  I am amazed how one treatment worked so well.  I am so happy I had this procedure performed. I assume that the take home trays will only improve and prolong the already great results.

Tomorrow, I will go into the office to pick up my take-home trays and take-home peroxide.  My post-procedure instructions included to not drink any coffee or wine or other staining beverages.  I was informed that I was able to eat immediately after the procedure but I should avoid foods that contain staining sauces such as tomatoes and curry.  I was also told to brush my teeth within 10 minutes of eating.

In conclusion, this procedure was painless and very easy.  I even fell asleep for a while during the procedure. Lucia, Dr. Sachar and Dr. Wong, as usual, where very courteous, nice and professional.  This cosmetic procedure for teeth whitening was a very easy and painless process, and a huge success.  Thank you.

Below are before and after pictures I took with my iPhone. Before picture is on the top and after on the bottom!

Before Teeth Whitening Procedure
After Teeth Whitening Procedure

NYC Dentist for Smokers Teeth

Kicking the Habit for Improved Dental Health

There are various lifestyle choices that can have a massive impact on the health and appearance of your teeth. Maintaining good dental health is very important but many of us make unhealthy choices in our lives that can dramatically affect our dental health. One of the things that can have a serious negative impact on your teeth and gums is smoking – and this is something that can also have a very serious impact on your general health as well.

If you want to reduce the risk of both general and dental health problems, giving up smoking is imperative. Not only will this help to improve your health but it will also save you a lot of money and means that you won’t be involved in doing something that has become increasingly antisocial over recent years.

What is the impact of smoking on our dental health?

 We all know that smoking can have a serious impact on our general health but how exactly can it affect our dental health? Well, here are some of the key negative effects of smoking:

  • Discoloration of the teeth: When you have discolored teeth, it can have a huge impact on your overall appearance as well as your self-confidence. As a smoker, you will already know just what an impact this habit can have when it comes to staining and overall appearance of the teeth. Nobody wants to expose yellow or brownish stained teeth whenever they smile, eat, and talk, so kicking the habit is a must if you want to improve the aesthetic appeal of your teeth.
  • Breath that smells of stale smoke: When you talk to others or even when you are sitting by them, the smell of stale smoke from your breath can be overpowering. You might not even notice it because you are a smoker but for those nearby, it can be extremely unpleasant.
  • Disease of the gums: As a smoker, one of the health problems that you are at increased risk from is gum disease, which can become very serious. Once you have gum disease it can lead to periodontal disease. This then results in loss of bone and premature tooth loss, so the impact can be extremely far-reaching.
  • Risk of cancer: You increase the risk of various types of cancer as a smoker, which includes oral cancer. According to statistics, 40-50 percent or oral cancer cases end up being fatal, so this is clearly something you need to avoid. Giving up smoking can help to reduce the risk of contracting this disease.

Get advice from the experts

 If you would like to know more about how smoking affects your dental health, speak to the best dentist in NYC today.

NYC Dentist for Bad Breath

Do You Suffer from Bad Breath in the Mornings?

Bad breath is something that can be very embarrassing for the sufferer and very off-putting for those that are exposed to it. Many people do suffer from bad breath and for a lot of people the main problem is in the morning. You may have personal experience of waking up with your mouth feeling horrible and a dubious odor emanating from it.

The good news is that there are steps you can take to minimize on bad breath in the mornings. The last thing you want is to head off to work or college with a bad smell still coming from your mouth. So, you need to carefully follow a three-step routine to make sure you don’t have to go through any embarrassment as a result of bad breath.

The three key steps to take

 If you want to step out of the house with your mouth feeling fresh and your breath smelling great, here are a few key steps that can help:

  • Thorough brushing: When you get up in the morning, make sure you brush your teeth thoroughly using a minty toothpaste. The mint flavor will help to refresh your mouth and freshen your breath. You should brush for at least two minutes and make sure you get to all areas of the mouth.
  • Morning flossing: Some people floss in the evenings before bedtime but if you have bad breath in the morning, you may want to do it before you leave the house as well. You can get all types of floss these days and it is very easy to use. You can floss with speed and convenience so you won’t have to worry about taking up too much time before work or college. You can also get some great mint flavor floss to add more freshness to your mouth.
  •  Gargle with mouthwash: As a final step before you leave the house, use a high quality mouthwash to rinse and gargle with. This will have the added benefit of leaving your mouth feeling invigorated and refreshed in addition to making your breath smell super-fresh.

 You can also get other products to help such as fresh breath sprays, or you can chew on some sugar-free gum, which helps to generate saliva to aid your dental health.

Keeping your mouth clean and fresh

Regular dental care is also important to avoid bad breath. To make an appointment with the best dentist in NYC, simply contact us today.

Dentist in NYC for a great smile!

Boosting Your Smile and Your Confidence

top dentist nycThere are many things that can have an impact on our appearance, and the better we look the more confident we feel. The condition and appearance of your teeth is one of the key things that can make a big difference to the way you look, which is why more people these days are eager to ensure their teeth look their best.

Of course, having great teeth does not come without some level of effort. You need to make sure you look after your teeth and your general dental health if you want to achieve and maintain a great smile. However, the reassurance and confidence you can enjoy when you have attractive, sparkling teeth makes it all worthwhile. In addition, you get to enjoy the benefits of reduced dental issues and problems, which means less pain and discomfort and saving on the cost of dental treatments.

Ways in which you can boost your smile

 If you want to enjoy showing off a brighter, more attractive smile along with the high level of self confidence that goes with it, here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Don’t smoke: We all know how bad smoking is for our general health and our financial health. Well, it also has a serious impact on your dental health. In addition to unsightly staining of the teeth it can lead to more serious issues such as gum disease, tooth loss, and even oral cancer. So, kick the habit if you want to benefit from good dental health.
  • Get your teeth whitened: If you already have stained teeth, there is a solution. You can go to your dentist and have them professionally whitened for a beautiful appearance and stunning smile. The results can be remarkable and you will be proud to smile and show off your gorgeously white teeth.
  • Be careful with your diet: There are lots of things in your diet that may be bad for your teeth. This includes everything from sugary foods and drinks that can cause cavities through to coffee and red wine, which can cause staining. So, be careful what you eat and drink, and try to eat foods that are rich in calcium and vitamin C.
  • Attend for regular checkups: When it comes to your teeth, prevention is definitely vital. Regular checkups with your dentist will help to ensure you do not experience any major issues that could lead to tooth loss or infections.

Come in today to see our experts

 If you want to boost your smile and your confidence levels, get in touch today to arrange an appointment with the best dentist in NYC.

General Dentist for Dental Health NYC

Simple Ways to Improve Your Smile

 top-nyc-dentist-teeth-smile-work-01We all want to be able to show off a stunning smile but overtime our teeth can become damaged and worn, which can affect our overall appearance. There are a number of ways in which you can improve your smile, and this can make a big difference to the way you look, feel, and your levels of self-confidence. By following some simply methods, you can achieve and maintain healthy teeth and an attractive smile that you will be proud to show off.

Some effective tips to help improve the health and appearance of your teeth

 If you want to achieve and maintain healthy, beautiful teeth, you need to ensure you look after your oral health, which is something that many people neglect to do. Some of the simple yet effective tips that can help when it comes to your smile include:

  • Proper brushing: In order to properly remove food particles and boost your oral health, you need to make sure you brush your teeth properly. You should brush twice daily and make sure you use a toothbrush that is not too harsh on your gums. Some people find that a battery operated or rechargeable toothbrush is the most effective. When you brush, make sure you do so for two minutes to get your teeth properly clean.
  • floss-teeth-better-smile-nyc-dental-specialist-02Make sure you floss: You need to ensure you floss on a regular basis in order to properly remove food particles and debris from between your teeth. While you may not realize there is anything lodged there, food and bacteria can have a serious negative impact on your teeth and gums. Flossing helps to remove food particles so that you do not get bacteria buildup.
  • Visit your dentist: Visiting your dentist on a regular basis is a vital part of keeping up a good oral health routine. You should have regular checks to maintain healthy teeth and gums and to ensure that any issues are quickly resolved before they become major problems. You can also have your teeth professionally cleaned and polished during these visits, which will help to keep your smile looking its best.
  • Assess your diet: The things you eat and drink as part of your diet can affect both your general and your dental health. Eating and drinking things with lots of sugar can be very damaging, so you need to make sure you assess your diet and make changes where necessary to reduce the risk to your oral health. Also, if you are a smoker, try and give this up because it can damage the appearance and health of your teeth as well as seriously affecting your overall health.

Speak to the best dentist in NYC

 If you want to find out more about achieving and maintaining a great smile, get in touch with the best dentist in NYC today.

Professional Teeth Whitening by Dentist

Professional Teeth Whitening for a Stunning Appearance

top-nyc-dentist-for-teeth-whitening-01 If you have teeth that are stained and discolored, it can be quite embarrassing to expose them to others. However, this is a problem that can arise due to the things we eat and drink, our lifestyle, and even as a result of aging. When you have a special occasion coming up such as a wedding or other special event, it is only natural that you want your teeth to look great because this can have an impact on your overall appearance. One of the ways in which you can a achieve this is by having your teeth professionally whitened.

Teeth whitening procedures and treatments have come a long way over recent years, and the results of this type of treatment can be quite remarkable. Of course, you can purchase teeth whitening kits yourself for home whitening. However, with these DIY kits, the results are never the same as with professional whitening and you cannot guarantee that they will be safe to use.

How professional teeth whitening can help

top-nyc-dentist-for-teeth-whitening-02 If you are preparing for a special event or occasion, professional teeth whitening from your dentist is the ideal solution. When you have this treatment, you will be able to benefit in many ways including:

  • Enhancing your appearance: No matter how good the rest of you looks, damaged and discolored teeth can instantly have a negative impact on your overall appearance. By having your teeth whitened, you can reduce or eliminate discoloration and staining, which makes it easier to enhance your appearance.
  • A boost in self-confidence: When you have your teeth whitened, you will be amazed at the positive effect it will have on your appearance. This will then also have a knock-on positive effect on your self-confidence. So, you can walk proudly into your special event without feeling self-conscious about the condition of your teeth.
  • Taking years off you: It is amazing just what an impact the condition of your teeth can have on your appearance – discolored teeth can even make you look older than your years. When you have your teeth professionally whitened, it can take years off you so you can look forward to a more youthful appearance.

Get ready for your special event with the help of an expert

 If you have a special event coming up and you want to show off beautifully white teeth, get in touch with us today and book in with the best dentist in NYC.

Best Dentist NYC discusses Good Oral Hygiene

Three Key Elements of Establishing a Good Oral Health Routine

dentist-for-hygiene-nyc-01Anyone that wants to maintain good dental health needs to ensure they establish a comprehensive oral health routine. If you fail to look after your teeth and dental health, there is no doubt that you will experience a range of problems. You are also at increased risk of premature tooth loss and other health problems if you do not keep on top of your oral health.

When it comes to establishing a good oral health routine, there are a number of key elements that you need to take into consideration. By making sure you incorporate the main elements into your routine, you can look forward to a great smile, healthy teeth and gums, and far fewer dental problems.

What are the three main elements?

There are many things that you need to do in order to make sure your teeth are healthy and look good. The main ones that you should prioritize on include:

  • dentist-floss-hygiene-midtown-nyc-02Proper cleaning: It is very important to ensure you clean your teeth properly, as this can have a big impact on both the health and the appearance of your teeth. You should make sure you brush twice daily using a good fluoride toothpaste. Check to ensure your toothbrush is not worn or old and that it is not too harsh on your teeth and gums. When you brush, make sure you do so for two minutes at a time. Also, use dental floss once daily to ensure you get all of the food particles out of the gaps between the teeth to minimize on the risk of bacterial infections.
  • Healthy eating: The things you eat and drink can have a dramatic effect on your dental health, so you also need to carefully assess your diet. Making sure you cut right back on high sugar food and drink is essential. At the same time, you should try and eat more food with vitamin C andcalcium. Avoid things such as caffeine and alcohol, which can stain or damage your teeth. Also, try to avoid sugary drinks such as soda, which can play havoc with your dental health.
  • oral-hygiene-brushing-best-technique-03Dental visits: Unless you are a dental expert, you never know if and when problems will arise. When they do arise, they can quickly spiral out of control and create serious issues including premature tooth loss and infections. This is why you need to make sure you visit your dentist for a checkup on a regular basis and you make an appointment for treatment as soon as an issue arises.

Let the experts take care of your dental health

 If you want to arrange a dental checkup with the best dentist in NYC, simply pick up the phone and call us today.



Best NYC Dentist for Lost Filling

Why is Early Intervention Crucial with a Lost Filling?

nyc-dentist-for-lost-filling-01When you develop cavities, it is vital to get a filling sorted out by your dentist. Failure to do this can leave you open to infection and other problems, so the quicker you can get it sorted out the better. Unfortunately, there are some people who lose a filling and then fail to take early action, which means that they increase the risk of problems stemming from the cavity.

If you do not get a replacement filling, one of the problems you will experience is a heightened risk of infection. This means that you could be left in a huge amount of pain as a result of an infection that could have been avoided simply by getting the lost filling replaced. You need to remember that an oral infection can lead to all sorts of general health problems in addition to dental pain and discomfort. This is why prevention is so vital.

The problems that can arise

nyc-best-dentist-fix-filling-03Losing a filling may seem simple and even unimportant to some people, but there are serious problems that can arise if you don’t seek out early intervention. One of the issues you face is that your tooth will be far weaker without the filling, so you may end up with a broken tooth that could have been avoided. This is because without the filling in place your tooth has no support, so even biting down on food or a slight accident could cause it to break.

The other main issue is, of course, the increased risk of infection. A filling is part of the process to stop bacteria from entering the cavity in your tooth. Once the filling comes away, you are left vulnerable and without protection. Once bacteria enter, you increase the risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and various other serious issues that can affect both your mouth and other parts of your body.

By making sure you keep an eye on your filling and take early action in the event you lose the filling, you can avoid all of these major issues. Your filling can quickly and efficiently be replaced so that your tooth is once again strengthened and is not left open to infection and decay.

Turn to the best dentist in NYC

 If you want to get prompt treatment for a missing filling, you can turn to the best dentist in NYC for assistance. Contact us today and we will be delighted to arrange an appointment for you.



Choosing the Right Dentist for Your Needs

The right dentistYour dentist is a professional that plays a key part when it comes to both your dental and overall health. There are many links between dental and general health. For instance, if a dental infection sets in and remains unresolved it can affect your body and health in other ways too. This is why you need to visit your dentist on a regular basis for checkup. You also need to ensure you find the most suitable dentist for your specific needs.

Some of the factors you should consider

When it comes to choosing a dentist, there are a number of factors that you need to consider to help you make an informed choice. Some of the key factors that you should take into account include:

  • The right dentistThe experience and credentials of the dentist: When choosing a dentist, you need to check the experience levels and credentials of the facility you are considering. You can check this by going onto the website, where you should be able to find information about the dentist’s years of experience and any specialist areas. If not, you can always contact the dental clinic to find out more about this.
  • The reputation of the dentist: Making sure the dentist has a good reputation is vital if you want to benefit from peace of mind. The easiest way to do this is to look at reviews from other patients that have also used the same dentist. This will enable you to access unbiased and honest information from those that have already had experience with the dentist you are thinking of using.
  • The dental treatments offered: Another thing you may want to look at is the range of dental treatments and procedures the dentist offers. Some dentists may offer standard dental treatment while others may also specialize in cosmetic dental procedures. Make sure you check this so you can choose the most appropriate dentist for your needs.
  •  Appointments and emergencies: In some cases, you may need to see your dentist urgently because of an unexpected issue that arises. It is a good idea to look at the appointment times for standard consultations as well as checking whether there is an emergency dental appointment facility in place.
  •  The location of the facility: Finally, check the location of the facility to ensure you can get there with ease and convenience. This is especially important if you have children, as you don’t want to be sitting in traffic for hours with young kids when visiting the dentist.

Come to the experts for dental treatment

 The right dentistIf you want to benefit from the expertise of an experienced dental professional, get in touch with us today to arrange an initial consultation with the best dentist in NYC.

Call to schedule an appointment at (646) 205-3043.

Can Your Dental Health Affect Your General Wellbeing?

Dental healthThere are many people that are on constant alert when it comes to their general health. If there is any sign of a problem, they don’t hesitate to make an appointment to see a doctor and get it sorted out. However, many of these people fail to pay the same level of attention to their dental health. One thing you need to remember is that there are a number of key links between dental and general health, so if you fail to take proper care of your oral health it could affect your overall wellbeing.

If you have regular dental checkups, the risk of dental problems is reduced dramatically. This is because your dentists can make sure your teeth and gums are in good shape and can take early action if any issues are detected. This then means that there is less chance of an impact on your general health.

Some of the links identified

Dental healthSo, what sorts of links have been made between dental and general health as a result of past research? Well, one of the links is between poor dental health and Type 2 diabetes. According to research, the chances of developing this form of diabetes are increased if you have periodontal disease. This is something that can develop as a result of poor dental hygiene and factors such as smoking. This link is undergoing continued research but a link between the two has already been established.

We all know how important our heart health is, as problems with the heart can prove to be very serious and even fatal. Well, researchers believe that cardiovascular diseases risks could also be increased as a result of poor dental health. This is because bacteria can gain entry to the bloodstream and body when you chew. Once this happens, it can lead to a variety of issues including blockages in the arteries, cardio problems, and additional health issues.

Inflammation and infection in other parts of the body can also be caused by bad dental health. If you do not maintain a food oral hygiene routine, you increase the risk of bacteria and infections. If these are then left to fester without any proper dental treatment, the infection can spread to other parts of the body and can cause inflammation and other health issues.

Make sure you get proper dental care

Dental healthThese risks show how important it is to maintain good oral hygiene to boost your general health. You can do this by contacting us today and making an appointment to see the best dentist in NYC.


Call to schedule an appointment at (646) 205-3043.

Why Regular Dental Checkups are Crucial

dental checkupFor many people, going to the dentist is something that they only do if a serious problem arises. By the time they actually get around to visiting their dentist, they are already in a lot of pain and discomfort and often a lot of work is required. This not only means more discomfort for the patient but also higher costs.

It is important to realize that dental checkups are crucial if you want to maintain good dental health and avoid paying out more money than you need to. Whether or not you feel you have a problem with your teeth and gums, you should attend for a dental checkup every six months or so.

It is impossible for the lay person to tell there is a problem until that problem spirals out of control and become an obvious – and painful – one. By attending for regular checkups with your dentist, any minor issues can be identified and addressed right away. This means that they can be stopped in their tracks before they turn into something more serious.

The key benefits of dental checkups

dental checkupWhen you have your teeth checked regularly, you can benefit in a number of ways. Some of the main benefits you can look forward to include:

Most of us are well aware of the importance of good dental health. Of course, regular brushing and flossing, watching what you eat, and developing good lifestyle habits are all a vital part of good oral health. However, regular checkups with the dentist are also part of this routine and a very important part. This is a key part of early detection of dental problems as well as prevention of major dental issues. In the long run, a quick regular checkup could save you a huge amount of pain in discomfort in the future – and could even help to prevent premature tooth loss.

dental checkupOf course, when you visit your dentist regularly you can also ensure your teeth look their best. Your dentist can clean and polish your teeth as well as check them over for any potential issues and problems.

Come and see the best dentist in NYC

If you want to ensure your teeth always look their best and are at their healthiest, get in touch with the best dentist in NYC today to arrange an initial consultation.

Call to schedule an appointment at (646) 205-3043.

A Guide to Periodontal Disease

Periodontal diseasePeriodontal disease, more well known as gum disease, affects many Americans every year. Most ignore bleeding when they spit after brushing but at the first sight of this, you should be getting a dental checkup and ensuring you take better care of your teeth. Here is a quick guide to periodontal disease, including symptoms and treatment options.

What is Periodontal Disease?

Periodontal disease is an infection of anything surrounding the teeth. This can include the gums themselves as well as the bone and the cementum, which is the part that covers the root of your tooth. It is caused by the bacteria within the dental plaque of your teeth. Plaque is the sticky yellow substance that builds up on the teeth over time, especially after eating or drinking anything very sugary. If not brushed away properly, these bacteria can multiply and cause periodontal disease.

Symptoms of Periodontal Disease

Periodontal diseaseThe most obvious symptom that people think of when they think of periodontal, or gum disease, is bleeding gums. When your gums get to the point of bleeding, this can mean that the infection has been there for a while. The earlier it is caught, the better the chance of reversing the disease. Your gums may feel more sensitive, red or swollen. You may notice them receding from the gum line and you may have a bad taste or bad breath. Your teeth may start to become loose and there may be visible pus around the gum line. Any of these should be treated immediately.

How Do I Treat Periodontal Disease?

Periodontal disease

If you catch the disease at its earliest, periodontal disease can be treated at home by following good oral hygiene instructions. Brush teeth twice a day (or more if you are eating anything particularly sugary mid-day) with an electronic toothbrush and floss. Once before bed, otherwise the bacteria will have all night to multiply, and once generally in the morning. Not smoking and visiting the dentist as suggested will help maintain your oral hygiene and ensure the disease is reversing rather than getting worse. If you have periodontal disease at a further stage or it continues to worsen, root planning or a scale and polish may be offered from your dentist. In the most severe of cases, surgery may be an option.

Contact us today if you are worried you have any of the symptoms listed above to schedule an appointment with the best dentist in NYC.

Call to schedule an appointment at (646) 205-3043.

Second Opinion Dentist

Patients often come in to my office requesting a second opinion for dental work after they have seen another dentist in New York City. I always welcome my patients to seek second opinions as well.

Second Opinion for Dental Work

Many times, I agree with their recommendations.  However, sometimes, I disagree because I feel they’ve chosen the wrong procedure or made the wrong diagnosis.  Sometimes, they recommended procedures that are not necessary.

Unfortunately, many dentists violate the patient, doctor relationship and make recommendations for monetary gain.  I would like to think that this is not the norm, however, it occurs often.  Many times, patients have come to my office claiming they have cavities and wanted a second opinion.  Upon physical exam and x-rays, I do not note any cavities present.  In this case, the dentist either made a wrong diagnosis or made recommendations based on monetary gain.

Additionally, sometimes I disagree with their choice of materials or the complexity of procedures required. On occasion, patients have come in saying that they were told that they needed a crown because a tooth could not be saved due to decay and cracking. When I examine them, the tooth can be saved and does not need to be crowned. I perform a bonding or filing and save the tooth. Also, at times I will disagree with the choice of materials used to fill a tooth. We use the least toxic materials which cost more and thus reduces our profit, but we always do what’s best for our patients.

Other times, patients come in for second opinions for cosmetic dental procedures in New York based on price.  Often dentists that provide low prices for cosmetic work also provide lower service and have lower skills.   Other times the price is too high and they’re shopping around for a better deal.  At Sachar dental, we have upfront pricing.  We offer a affordable pricing for excellent work.  We do not claim to be the cheapest, however, we do claim to be the best cosmetic dentistry in New York. We stand behind our work and offer a guarantee that if you’re not happy, we will have you come back for as many times as it takes to make sure you are satisfied.

Here are two quick examples of recent second opinion for dental work that I have experienced.

1) Second opinion for general dentistry

A young woman came in and was told by her dentist that she had 4 cavities that needed to be drilled and filled. She was skeptical as she has only had one cavity in her life and takes good care of her teeth, brushing and flossing daily. When I examined her and performed x-rays, I did not see any cavities. There was no question that there were none present. By coming for a second opinion she saved 4 normal teeth from having unnecessary work done.

2) Second opinion for tooth implant

A 54 year old man came in and was told his molar was cracked behind repair and needed to be removed. The dentist told him that he would remove the tooth and replace it with an implant. When I examined the patient and took x-rays, the tooth was mildly cracked and was saved by performing a bonding.

Get your second opinion today!

We encourage our patients to get second opinions if there are any doubts as to what we have told them. I am sure that our recommendations are one hundred percent accurate and ethical. We invite all other patients to come to us for a second opinion, and promise to give ethical and good medical advice when they come in. Call us today to come in for a second opinion for dental work!

A Guide to Wisdom Teeth

wisdom teethYou may have heard of wisdom teeth and how many people get them when they are a little bit older, hence their name. Even so, they can start to come through the gums at any age and if they begin to become a problem, they can be removed. Many people can have them for a long time without any issues, but if they start to cause pain, it may be worth speaking to your dentist about them. Here is a guide to wisdom teeth and when they may need removing.

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

Your wisdom teeth are the last teeth to grow. Most people have four wisdom teeth located on either side of the upper and lower gums. They can become painful as they are growing out of the gums and therefore will stretch and break the skin. By the time wisdom teeth begin to grow, all your adult teeth are grown and in place, meaning there is no room for your wisdom teeth to come down. This usually leads them to grow at a strange angle or to only come so far out of the gum. This is known as an impacted wisdom tooth.

Symptoms of an Impacted Wisdom Tooth

wisdom teethWhen you feel with your tongue, you are able to feel your wisdom teeth coming out. If they are growing and there is no pain, these can usually be left for the moment. If they are beginning to hurt and you are getting pain that is localized to this specific area of the gum, it is probably a sign that your wisdom tooth has impacted. Sometimes you may need one removed, sometimes you may need two, three of even all four removed. This is not necessarily in one procedure.

Why Are Wisdom Teeth Removed?

wisdom teethWisdom teeth do not always need to be removed, but if they are causing pain then this is one reason they may need to be taken out. If your wisdom tooth has impacted and is stuck halfway in and out of the gum, this could lead to a build-up of bacteria and foods. This could then lead to things such as gum disease, tooth decay or a dental abscess. If this happens, a dentist will first try to treat it with antibiotics, and if this doesn’t work they will then remove the tooth.

If your wisdom teeth are causing you pain, contact us today to schedule an appointment with the best dentist in New York City.

Call to schedule an appointment at (646) 205-3043.

Home Remedies That Can Help You Remove Plaque Naturally

Removing plaque ensures that our teeth stay healthy and do not become damaged due to a buildup and hardening of plaque into tartar. A dentist can help you remove plaque, but here are some home remedies to remove plaque naturally in-between dental visits.


dental hygieneBrushing twice daily using a fluoride toothpaste is the best way to remove plaque. If you believe you are getting a plaque buildup, you may want to brush more often. If you brush your teeth around half an hour after each meal, this will prevent plaque from forming after your food and drink. Brushing your teeth correctly for two-three minutes is the easiest way to remove plaque naturally. Brushing too hard, however, can cause damage.

Baking Soda

Baking soda can clean almost anything, including your teeth. Baking soda can get rid of plaque naturally. As baking soda is slightly abrasive it can remove plaque, but it is not abrasive enough to damage the teeth or enamel. You can dip your toothbrush into baking soda and tap off the excess. You may want to mix this with a pinch of salt for more removing power.

The Right Toothpaste

Ensure your toothpaste contain fluoride as this is the best ingredient to prevent plaque buildup. Fluoride repairs any damage to the enamel on the teeth, therefore this protects your teeth from acid damage. If you have a buildup of plaque or tartar, you can buy a tartar removing toothpaste which is stronger than normal toothpaste. Some of these contain an antibiotic that kill cavity causing bacteria, which is great if you haven’t been taking the best care of your teeth.

Eating Raw Vegetables

dental hygieneFruit can be very good for you, but with your teeth it can cause damage as many fruits contain acids. Apples are a great natural way to clean teeth and remove plaque, but any raw vegetables will have the same effect. Raw vegetables help clean the teeth and remove plaque due to the process of chewing hard to break down the fiber contained in carrots, celery and other raw vegetables.


dental hygieneThe best protection for your teeth and to remove plaque is regular dental visits. Dentists can ensure you are keeping on top of your plaque and can help remove the plaque building up in hard to reach areas. Despite your best efforts, you cannot get rid of every bit of plaque on your teeth. If you need your teeth cleaned, contact us today to make an appointment with the best dentist in New York.



Call to schedule an appointment at (646) 205-3043.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Fillings

Dental FillingsDental fillings are a very common procedure in adults to protect the teeth from further damage. If you need a dental filling and want to know more about them, read on to find out the answers to the most frequently asked questions about dental fillings.

How Is a Filling Fitted?

Dental Fillings

A filling is used to cover a cavity to prevent pain and any further damage to the tooth and to stop infection occurring. When you are getting a filling, the area will be numbed with general anesthetic, meaning that although you will feel the needle, after this the area is numb to prevent pain. Any bad enamel will then be scraped away and a drill may need to be used to remove some of this. The area will be cleaned to remove any bacteria. If a nerve is exposed, the dentist will cover it so that you do not experience pain with your filling. A coating that is white is then put into the tooth to fill in the cavity.

Will I Be in Pain?

The needle may hurt but after this the area should be totally numb. If you feel any pain, you can put your hand up and the dentist will stop and give you some more anesthetic if necessary. It may feel uncomfortable, but the filling is necessary to prevent pain every day. The tooth may feel sensitive to hot or cold food and drinks afterwards for around 2 days until the filling sets fully. This should only be a mild pain and should settle; if it lasts longer than 3 days you may need to go back to your dentist.


How Long Do Fillings Last?

Dental Fillings

Fillings are made to last a long time, and as long as you take good care of your teeth, your filling will be taken care of too. Your dentist will give you after care advice on looking after your teeth and your filling. If looked after properly, a filling shouldn’t need to be replaced for around 10-15 years, meaning once fixed your tooth should be protected for a long time.

Fillings are necessary to protect the sensitive part of the tooth that can become exposed due to cavities. Cavities can lead to other complications and therefore fillings should be done when a cavity begins to form. If you are unsure if you need a filling, contact us today to schedule an appointment with the best dentist in NYC.

Call to schedule an appointment at (646) 205-3043.

What is Tooth Sensitivity?

If you experience pain when your teeth come into contact with something cold, you may be suffering from tooth sensitivity, and you are not alone. Many Americans, around half the population, suffer from tooth sensitivity and there are ways to treat it. Read on to find out more.

What is Tooth Sensitivity?

tooth sensitivityTooth sensitivity is a more commonly heard phrase for root or dentin hypersensitivity in teeth. If you have pain when consuming cold foods or drinks or breathing in cold air, you may be suffering from tooth sensitivity.




What Causes Tooth Sensitivity?

tooth sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity can be caused due to a variety of other teeth problems that leave either the root or dentine exposed rather than covered by enamel. The main causes are receding gum or periodontal disease. Receded gums are extremely common in the older population, and 80% of people suffer some sort of gum recession by the time they reach 65. Brushing too hard, abrasive toothpaste or eating a very acidic diet can all increase your chances of leaving the root or dentin exposed.


Signs and Symptoms of Tooth Sensitivity

Your teeth will more than likely not hurt all the time. There will be certain things that trigger the sensitivity and cause pain. This may be brushing your teeth, eating cold food or drinks, breathing in cold air and consuming extremely sour or sweet foods. A less known symptom is pain when eating or drinking hot foods. Those who have their teeth whitened by a professional may have tooth sensitivity for some time after the treatment, but this should only be temporary.

Treatment for Tooth Sensitivity

tooth sensitivityIf you believe you have tooth sensitivity, the best thing to do is go to a dentist so they can find the root cause of the problem. If the sensitivity is due to a cavity in the tooth, a filling can be put in to stop the pain. If the sensitivity is due to gum disease, the dentist may perform a thorough cleaning of the area affected. If dentin is exposed, the dentist may put something on or over the exposed area to protect it and reduce the sensitivity. At home you can treat tooth sensitivity with a sensitive tooth toothpaste, do not overbrush and use a soft bristled brush.

There are a variety of treatments available for those with tooth sensitivity, contact us today to schedule an appointment with the best dentist in New York.


Call to schedule an appointment at (646) 205-3043.

What is Periodontal Disease?

If any other part of your body bled when you washed it, you would be concerned. So why do so many Americans ignore bleeding gums? If your gums are bleeding, it may be a sign of Periodontal disease. Read on to find out more.





What is Periodontal Disease?


Periodontal disease means an infection around your teeth with ‘perio’ meaning around and ‘dontal’ meaning teeth. Periodontal disease affects the gums, alveolar bone (which supports the tooth) and the periodontal ligament. There are many stages of periodontal disease, with the earliest stage only affecting the gums, which is easier to treat, and the most severe affecting all the tissues.

Causes of Periodontal Disease

periodontal disease Periodontal disease is caused by a buildup of bad bacteria on the plaque of your teeth, which is the sticky substance left after a few hours of eating and drinking without brushing. The way your body responds to this bacterium is what causes periodontal disease. To get rid of the bacteria, your body’s natural immune response is to release cells which cause inflammation of the gums and tissues.


Signs and Symptoms of Periodontal Disease

There are many signs and symptoms of periodontal disease, the most obvious one is bleeding gums. You may experience bad breath that won’t go away even with the use of toothpaste, mouth wash or chewing gum. Your gums may appear swollen, red and they may feel very painful or swollen when brushing or chewing food. If you experience sensitive teeth when eating or drinking cold substances, this could also be a sign of periodontal disease. If your teeth appear longer or your gums are receding, this is a serious sign of periodontal disease and you should seek treatment immediately.

Treatments for Periodontal Disease

periodontal diseaseFor the earliest stages of this disease, you can treat periodontal disease at home with good oral hygiene. Brushing your teeth twice a day, once before bed and once either in the morning or at some point throughout the day with an electric toothbrush is the best way to promote good oral hygiene. Flossing, not smoking and having regular dental check-ups can also ensure periodontal disease doesn’t go further. Mouthwash is also a great way to get rid of the buildup of bacteria. If periodontal disease continues to get worse, you may need a scale and polish or root planning from a dentist. In severe cases, surgery may be involved.

If you are worried about your gums, contact us today to schedule an appointment with the best dentist in New York.

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What is Tooth Erosion?

Tooth erosion is a serious condition that needs urgent treatment to prevent further loss of teeth. Here is some more information about tooth erosion and how to treat it.

What is Tooth Erosion?

tooth erosionTooth erosion, also known as acid erosion is the loss of enamel on one or more teeth due to an acid attack. The enamel is the hard coating on the teeth that protects them from breaking during eating and also protects them from bacteria. When the enamel is gone, this can lead to extreme sensitivity and pain. You can see tooth erosion as your teeth begin to wear away and they may also become yellow as the enamel wears away, exposing the dentine underneath.

Causes of Tooth Erosion

Any time you eat or drink anything acidic such as an orange, the enamel on your teeth becomes softer for a short period of time. The saliva has agents in it that will slowly reverse this acidity and restore your mouth back to its natural pH balance. If this happens often, especially in short periods of time, the mouth doesn’t get time to restore its natural balance and parts of your enamel will be brushed off when you next brush your teeth. Eventually you begin to lose parts of your teeth. Alcohol can also cause tooth erosion, as can any medical conditions that cause acids from the stomach to be brought up to the mouth such as acid reflux.

Signs and Symptoms of Tooth Erosion

tooth erosion

Tooth erosion is most visibly seen when the tooth begins to break away. You may notice this at the biting edge as this is where enamel can break off most easily when chewing on foods. As the enamel wears down, the dentine underneath will become exposed which is a yellow-ish substance, and therefore your teeth may start to look more yellow than white.

Treatment for Tooth Erosion

tooth erosionTooth erosion may not always need treatment, it depends on the severity. If you believe you are at an early stage of dental erosion, a dental checkup can be useful to gain advice from a professional on how to prevent the problem from going further. If tooth erosion has become more severe, a filling may be required to protect the sensitive parts of the teeth that are becoming exposed. If it is extremely severe, a veneer may be required.

If tooth erosion is something you are worried about, contact us today to make an appointment with the best dentist in NYC.

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Key Reasons Why Some People are Afraid to Visit the Dentist

Most of us know someone who  because they are afraid. To some, this fear seems irrational but to those that suffer from it there are various reasons why it is present. Some people will even refuse to seek dental treatment in a dental emergency when they are in a lot of pain. However, failing to combat this problem could lead to a host of dental issues that could have a lifelong effect on your oral and physical health.


Why are some people scared?

There are a number of common reasons why some people are scared to arrange a visit to the dentist. Some of the key ones include:


  • The costs involved: Some people are afraid that they will have to pay out too much money when they visit the dentist so they just don’t bother going. However, you need to remember that the worse the problem gets the more it will cost, so it is better to get it dealt with in the early stages.
  • Receiving bad news: There are some people that are scared of getting bad news about their dental health when they visit the dentist. However, unless you see a dentist and find out what the issue is, the problem will s
    imply get worse and your dental issue could spiral out of control. If you don’t get the issue identified and seen to, the news will simply get worse and worse.
  • Fear of pain: Of course, nobody likes to be in pain and some are scared that they will be put through painful procedures when visiting the dentist. A good dentist will know if and when any form of anesthesia is required to numb the pain, so you don’t need to worry about this. Often the sound of the instruments used is what makes people think that the procedure will be painful.
  • A bad experience: There are also those that may have had a bad experience with a dentist in the past and since then have been frightening to visit another one. You need to remember that with a reputable and established dentist, you won’t have to worry. You can even discuss your concerns before any work is carried out.

Benefit from a stress-free experience at our facility

If you want to benefit from cost effective pricing and a stress-free experience, you can head to our facility in Staten Island. Here, you will be able to see one of the best dentists in New York, who will be able to address your concerns and fears prior to any work being carried out.



Call to schedule an appointment at (646) 205-3043.

Don’t Leave it too Late if Your Filling Comes Out

Many people these days have fillings for cavities in their mouths, and these filling are there to provide protection. However, there is a chance that the filling could come out, which means that you will once again be left with a cavity in your tooth. If this does happen, it is important to ensure you seek dental assistance as quickly as possible, as otherwise this could lead to a range of other problems.


When you are left with a cavity in your tooth, you are at increased risk of infections. Once an infection sets in, it can cause a huge amount of pain and discomfort. In addition, it can affect the gums and other teeth as well as your overall wellbeing. Preventing this type of infection is vital and the way to do this is to have another filling put in to seal up the cavity.

Without a filling, your tooth is also weaker, which means that there is more of a chance that it will break. Many people already know how easily teeth can break – all it takes is to bite on something hard and it could cause cracks or breakages. Without a filling to support the centre of the tooth, the weakness will increase the chances of it breaking, which means that you could end up with an even bigger problem.

Preventing decay and bacteria

When you have a filling to block up a cavity, it helps to ensure that bacteria do not enter the cavity and that you do not start experiencing tooth decay. Once tooth decay sets in, you have a big problem. This is why you need to ensure that your filling is securely in place.

However, fillings can and do come out, and this means that you need to have the tooth filled again. If you do not get this done quickly, you increase the chances of bacterial infection and tooth decay. You may end up losing the tooth altogether. By taking early action, you can get the tooth re-filled, which means that you can minimize on the risk of infection and decay.

Get help from the best dentist in New York

If you need to have a tooth re-filled, you can get help from the best dentist in New York when you come to us. Based in Midtown, we can offer an affordable and efficient service to get your filling sorted out quickly. You can then benefit from peace of mind and protection.


Call to schedule an appointment at (646) 205-3043.

One of our patients volunteered to write about his experience at Sachar Dental!

We would like to thank our anonymous patient for volunteering to write a blog about his experience today at Sachar Dental. He is a long term patient, and a doctor himself!

I volunteered to write this article about my favorite dentist office in NYC! I used to hate going to the dentist but have changed my mind after visiting with Dr. Wong at Sachar Dental!

Here is a summary of my experience today going for my six month check up and cleaning!

From the minute I walked in I was greeted by everyone with a warm welcome and smile. I was seen early and have never been made to wait at any previous appointments.

Once in the exam room, Anna, the dental hygienist greeted me with a warm welcome and discussion. We talked a bit before starting the cleaning because, as you know, once they start working, there’s no talking going on.

Anna, was very gentile and did not hurt me once. She was obviously very experienced with the instruments and technique. She took frequent breaks to make sure to suck up the fluids so I did not gag once. After using the pressure sprayer, she used her instruments. Normally, this is the part I hate the most. In Anna’s hands I was quite comfortable and never did it hurt. Thank you Anna, for being so attentive and so gentle

Dr. Wong came in next for my exam. She also did not cause any pain. She explained everything she was finding in detail. She had mentioned last check up that she was watching a particluar tooth for some wearing or cracking. Today, she said it had gotten slightly worse and recommend a little patch work. I scheduled this for next week and I have no doubt that she is an ethical doctor and not looking to generate work. Being a doctor, I have lots of doctor and dentist friends. I hear all the time that my dentist friends have patients come in for second opinion before having work done and they do not even need the work and their previous dentist was just trying to increase sales! I have none of these fears with Dr. Wong and her office. They are very ethical.

I left the office with a great feeling of professionally cleaned teeth and the knowledge that I’m in great hands for healthy teeth and gums going forward.

Thank you Sachar Dental! You truly are the BEST DENTISTS!

Dr. Anon.

How to Achieve a Stunning Smile

smile There are many of us that would love to be able to show off a stunning smile with great teeth. This is something that is actually easier to achieve than you might think. There are various factors that can have a huge impact on the appearance of your teeth, and by following certain steps you can ensure that you do not suffer from any of the negative impacts. You will be able to achieve and maintain a brighter, more beautiful smile that will turn heads and fill you with confidence.

Some of the steps you need to take

If you want to develop a beautiful smile and great dental health, here are some of the key steps that you need to take:

  • Brush properly: Brushing your teeth properly is essential to get rid of food particles and aid oral health. This helps to keep your teeth clean, reduce the risk of bacteria, and freshen the breath. You should use fluoride toothpaste to add strength to the teeth. When you brush, make sure you do so for two minutes each time in order to benefit from the positive effects of regular brushing.
  • Floss regularly: You also need to floss regularly to remove bacteria and particles from between the teeth. This helps to keep your gums clean and healthy while helping to prevent problems such as gum disease. There are many flossing products on the market these days, so you can easily find the right one for your needs.
  • Get regular checkups: You need to make sure your teeth are checked regularly in order to maintain good oral health and hygiene. Visiting a dentist for six monthly checkups will aid the health and appearance of your teeth, helping you to achieve that stunning smile and oral health that you are looking for.
  • Eat the right foods: Your diet also plays an important part in the way you teeth look and your dental health. You should try and eat food that is rich in calcium to strengthen the teeth. Vitamin C is also important, as it aids the health of gums. It is important to minimize on sugary foods and beverages that can stain teeth such as red wine and coffee.
  • Kick the habit: If you are a smoker then giving up is essential if you want a dazzling smile. Smoking not only results in unsightly yellow stains on the teeth but it can also increase the chances of getting gum disease. In addition, it has a serious or even fatal impact on other areas of your health, so you need to make the effort to kick the habit for good.

Speak to the best dentist in New York

If you want help in achieving the smile of your dreams, you can speak to the best dentist in New York at our facility. Simply get in touch to arrange a consultation, as our experts will work with you to help you achieve and maintain a beautiful smile.

Call us at 646-205-3043 to schedule an appointment at Sachar Dental the Best Dentist in NYC.

The Best Dentist in NYC, and Why!

Our patients rave about our office! To date we have over 65 Five-Star reviews from our patients. There’s a reason why!

From the minute you walk into Sachar Dental you notice something different than other dentist or doctors office.

Our friendly staff greets you at the door. They explain in detail the process of becoming a new patient in our practice. They sit down on the couch with you and go over the paper work. You’ll get the feeling of being one of our family.

Once you’re settled into our clean and modern waiting room, you’ll notice the friendly atmosphere and upbeat music.

That’s just the beginning, you have not even met the dentists, hygienists and dental assistants yet!

Your intake starts with the kind and friendly dental assistants. They will go over the preliminary exam and necessary tests.

Then you get to meet one of our expert dentists. Our dentists pride themselves on so many things, including bedside manner, ethical decision making, pain-free and gentle touch, and their ability to explain everything in layman’s terms you will understand. You’ll never feel rushed or pushed.

Whether you come in for an exam and cleaning, a problematic cavity, a teeth-whitening or other cosmetic procedure, all the way up to full mouth reconstruction and smile makeover, and everything in between, you will see that you are in the hands of competent dentists with extreme moral and ethical behavior.

These reasons and so many more are why our patients rave about how great our practice is and continue to send their friends and family to our dental family. Give us a try and you will also leave raving!


How Smoking Affects Your Oral Health

How Smoking Affects Your Oral HealthWe all know that smoking is seriously bad for health in a number of ways. It is linked to a range of serious health problems including cancer, which is why so many people are keen to kick the habit. Another area of the health that smoking can adversely affect is your oral health, which can be seriously damaged as a result of this habit. Smoking is not only very expensive and anti-social but it can cause serious health issues and even fatalities.

Some of the ways it can affect your oral health

There are various ways in which smoking can affect your oral health. This is just one of the many reasons why it is important to give up this habit. Some of the negative impacts of smoking on your teeth and gums include:

Staining of the teeth:

The nicotine in cigarettes can have a damaging effect when it comes to the appearance of your teeth. They can lead to yellow or brown stains that look unsightly and are very difficult to get rid of once they are there. This often results in lack of confidence amongst smokers when it comes to smiling, laughing, or even eating.

Bad breath:

While you may not notice it yourself as a smoker, when you have a cigarette, it can cause really bad breath. When you speak, laugh, or are around other people, they will be able to smell the stale tobacco on your breath. This is off-putting for anyone that does not smoke themselves, as the smell is so strong.

How Smoking Affects Your Oral Health

Oral cancer risk:

As mentioned earlier, smoking is strongly linked to cancer and this includes oral cancer. When you smoke, you increase the chances of developing cancer of the mouth and 40-50 percent of cases prove to be fatal. According to experts, the chances of getting mouth cancer are six times higher in smokers than in non-smokers.

Onset of gum disease:

Another risk that smoking poses when it comes to your oral health is gum disease. It can cause periodontal disease, which leads to bone loss. This generally begins with gum inflammation, which then leads to the supporting bone becoming inflamed. This then leads to deterioration of the bone. Ultimately, this will lead to damage of the jaw bone and tooth loss.

Getting your teeth and gums checked

How Smoking Affects Your Oral HealthIf you are planning to give up smoking, it is worth getting your teeth and gums checked to see whether there are any problems that need to be addressed. You can get in touch with us and arrange a consultation with the best dentist in New York.

Call us at 646-205-3043 to schedule an appointment at Sachar Dental the Best Dentist in NYC.

Health Benefits of Straight Teeth After Invisalign Treatment

You may be surprised to know that the benefits of having properly aligned teeth extend far beyond a confident smile. According to the American Dental Association, straightening your teeth can actually significantly affect your overall dental health.1 Think about it — a smile can hardly be perfect if it’s not a healthy one. Fortunately, with Invisalign®, having a confident smile and reducing your risk for tooth decay and gum disease go hand in hand.

Healthier Teeth and Gums

Swollen, red gums can often be the result of having teeth that are crowded or too widely spaced. Unfortunately, these are also signs of periodontal disease. When teeth are properly aligned, it helps the gums fit more securely around the teeth, allowing for the strongest and healthiest defense against potential periodontal problems. That’s where Invisalign comes in. The comfortable and clear aligners gently and gradually begin to move your teeth into the proper position — without unsightly brackets and wires.

Easier Cleaning

One of the biggest challenges of having braces is removing all the food that gets trapped in the brackets and wires. This can often lead to plaque buildup and eventually tooth decay. With Invisalign, the aligners are removable, so it’s easy to continue brushing and flossing your teeth the way you normally do.

Overall Health

Think of your teeth as a window to the health of your body. Your teeth and gums — and how they look to others when you smile—say a lot about your overall health. If you’re taking good care of both, you’re probably taking good care of the rest of you.

Tooth decay and gum disease are caused by bacteria. Left untreated, they can cause mouth sores, tender or bleeding gums, bad breath, and possible tooth loss. Studies by the American Dental Association have shown that oral infections can also lead to other more serious ailments such as heart disease,2 stroke,3 pneumonia4 and diabetes.5 Invisalign aligners make daily oral hygiene easier, thus reducing the risk of possible problems. And correctly aligned teeth can also alleviate the issues that can be caused by an improper bite, speech or chewing difficulties, jaw problems, and increased wear on the tooth enamel. Invisalign effectively addresses all of these orthodontic issues, so you’ll have the confidence of a great smile and increase the likelihood of improved oral health.

1 http://www.mouthhealthy.org/en/az-topics/b/braces
2 http://www.mouthhealthy.org/en/az-topics/h/heart-disease-and-oral-health
3 http://www.mouthhealthy.org/en/az-topics/g/gum-disease
4 http://www.mouthhealthy.org/en/adults-over-60/concerns
5 http://www.mouthhealthy.org/en/az-topics/g/gum-disease

Invisalign Comfort & Convenience

Making the decision to straighten your teeth is much easier when you know that Invisalign® treatment lets you live your life the way you want to. With Invisalign aligners, you don’t need to worry about the gum and mouth irritation other teeth-straightening methods can cause.

Invisalign aligner trays are not only smooth and comfortable to wear, but they’re also removable. That means you can continue doing all the things you normally would, from brushing and flossing, to eating whatever you like. With other devices, brushing and flossing properly can often take up to 30 minutes!

Special occasion coming up? No problem — just take your aligners out for that time and pop them back in when you’re ready. Of course, even when you’re wearing them, most people won’t even know you’re going through treatment, because they are virtually invisible!

Invisalign treatment is also ideal for your busy schedule, with fewer doctor visits required (approximately every six weeks).

The Invisalign® Advantage

While the results may appear the same—a confident, beautiful smile—when you stop and actually compare Invisalign versus braces, the advantages become quite apparent. See why more than 4 million people have trusted the world’s most advanced clear aligner system to achieve their best smile.

Invisalign Clear Aligners Other types of braces Other Clear Aligners
Treats simple to complex cases
Proprietary SmartTrack® material for more predictable, controlled tooth movements 1
Virtually invisible
Removable aligners so you can enjoy all the foods and activities you love, and brush and floss easily
No injuries due to broken wires or brackets
No pain from sharp brackets and wires
Easier to see results at every stage of treatment
Frees up your busy schedule with office visits only every four to six weeks
Covered by many orthodontic insurance plans2
Teens in treatment are 2x more likely to have a boost in self-esteem 3
Blue indicator dots for teens to monitor compliance
Invisalign Teen Guarantee: If unsatisfied with treatment within the first six months, switch to braces at no additional cost4

Why Invisalign Treatment

Choose the clear aligner system committed to continuous innovation, with 20 years of clinical research and more than 700 patents. No other clear aligner is backed by the data and experience of 4 million cases.

Up to 50% faster treatment times*

With weekly aligner changes, you’re on your way to the smile you want even faster.

Proven results

SmartTrack® material and SmartForce® features are clinically proven to achieve 75% more predictable tooth movement.**

Better fit, better comfort

Aligners made from SmartTrack material are more comfortable, better fitting, and easier to put on and take off.***

Effective for a wide variety of cases

Proprietary SmartForce features and SmartTrack material make Invisalign treatment effective for complex cases. With innovations like these, your doctor can move your teeth more precisely.

Unique feature for teens

Invisalign clear aligners for teens contain compliance indicators that fade from blue to clear to help gauge wear time.

Living with Invisalign Aligners

One of the best things about Invisalign® treatment is the minimal impact it has on your everyday life. Since the aligners are so comfortable, you should be able to wear them for the recommended 20 to 22 hours a day without much effort. Here are some comments from people going through treatment:

Maintain Oral Hygiene

The aligners are easily removable, so you can continue to brush and floss your teeth as you normally would. Cleaning your aligners is just as easy with the Invisalign cleaning kit. Or you can simply brush and rinse them in lukewarm water. That’s it! Achieving that great smile couldn’t be easier!

“I’m usually pressed for time in the mornings, and I appreciate how Invisalign doesn’t slow me down. I just pop out the aligners, brush my teeth and pop ’em back in.”

Amy—Irvine, CA


You’ll also remove the aligners each time you eat. This means you can continue to eat all the foods you love without any restrictions or worrying about food getting stuck in your wires and brackets. With other teeth-straightening methods, the simple act of eating can often be troublesome.

“I love how I can pretty much eat whatever I want and not have to worry about whether it’s going to damage anything during my treatment.”

Carl—Fort Worth, TX

Playing Sports

For those who are active in contact sports, Invisalign clear aligners let you play without the worry of sharp brackets cutting your mouth and causing pain. If your sport requires wearing a protective mouthguard, simply remove your aligners and you’re good to go!

“Soccer is my life, which means there’s a lot of contact. Wearing braces would definitely make me a little hesitant to go all out”

Teri—Boston, MA

Easy Cleaning

Your bedtime routine can continue as before, with the simple addition of cleaning your aligners. You won’t be struggling with trying to floss and brush in between brackets and wires, which can be time-consuming.

“I don’t think I’d have the patience to keep braces clean especially having to floss between all those wires. With Invisalign, I just take out my aligners, brush and floss my teeth, quickly brush my aligners and I’m done.”

Jeff—Bellevue, WA

Invisalign Treatable Cases

Is Invisalign® treatment appropriate for you? For the majority of cases, the answer is yes. Invisalign treatment is clinically proven to be effective for a broad range of teeth straightening cases, from mild to complex. And, we’re continuously innovating to expand that range and get even better results.

See actual results from cases like yours.

These are some common concerns doctors treat with Invisalign clear aligners:

Gapped Teeth

Gaps between teeth can occur with abnormal continued growth of the jawbone. Missing teeth can also cause the surrounding teeth to shift due to the extra space, creating gaps in your teeth. Spacing issues and gaps between teeth can lead to gum problems (due to lack of protection by the teeth), periodontal pockets and increased risk of periodontal disease.


Overbite occurs when the upper teeth bite over the lower teeth. It’s typically caused by genetics, bad oral habits, or overdevelopment of the bone that supports the teeth. This can lead to gum problems or irritation, and/or wear on the lower teeth, and can cause painful jaw and joint problems.


Underbite can occur when the lower teeth protrude past the front teeth. It’s usually caused by undergrowth of the upper jaw, overgrowth of the lower jaw, or both. It can also be caused by missing upper teeth. This can prevent the normal function of front teeth or molars, which can lead to tooth wear. It can also cause painful jaw and joint problems.

Open Bite

Open bite is when some teeth are unable to make physical contact with the opposing teeth for a proper bite. Most often caused by a genetic abnormal jaw structure or excessive thumb-sucking, an open bite can cause poor or painful chewing, and even speech impairment. It can also lead to greater issues like temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ).

Overly Crowded

Teeth crowding occurs when there is simply a lack of room within your jaw for all of your teeth to fit normally. When left untreated, overly crowded teeth can get worse over time, and result in severely crooked teeth. This crowding can lead to plaque accumulation, tooth decay and an increased chance of gum disease.


Crossbite is when the upper and lower jaws are both misaligned. It causes one or more upper teeth to bite on the inside of the lower teeth, and can happen on both the front and the sides of the mouth. Crossbite can cause wear of the teeth, gum disease and bone loss.

Invisalign Treatment Process

From consultation to confident new smile with newly straightened teeth, you’ll know what to expect every step of the way. Get started today by:

Your first consultation

Choosing Invisalign treatment is an important dental and financial decision, so it’s essential that you find the right doctor for you. You may want to meet with several experienced Invisalign-trained doctors to find the one you feel most comfortable with.

At your initial consultation, your doctor will discuss your needs and evaluate whether Invisalign treatment is right for you.

Your custom treatment plan

Your doctor will use a scanner such as the iTero® digital scanning system to create fast, precise 3D digital images of your teeth. (Some doctors will take physical impressions.)

Then your doctor will map out a precise treatment plan, including the exact movements of your teeth and how long your treatment will be. You’ll even get to see how your teeth will move and preview your new smile.

Your Invisalign clear aligners

Your custom-made aligners will be made of our proprietary SmartTrack® material. They’re virtually invisible, so most people won’t even notice you’re wearing them during your teeth straightening.

Wear your Invisalign clear aligners 20 to 22 hours a day for the best results, taking them out to eat and to brush and floss.

Your progress

As you wear each set of aligners, your teeth will gently and gradually shift into place. Your doctor may recommend that you begin wearing a new set of aligners every week and schedule check-ups every six weeks or so.

At every stage you’ll be able to see your progress and imagine how far your new smile will take you.

Taking care of your new smile

When your treatment is complete, ask about a Vivera® retainer. Vivera retainers are custom-made using the same state-of-the-art technology as Invisalign clear aligners.

How does Invisalign Treatment Work?

Your Invisalign® clear aligners are custom-made for you. The aligners are virtually invisible and fit snugly over your teeth.

Each aligner shifts your teeth slightly, moving them horizontally and vertically and even rotating them when needed. Your aligners are engineered to use the right amount of force in the right place at the right time.

When you change to the next set of aligners (typically every week) your teeth gradually move into position, following a custom treatment plan mapped out by your doctor.

Only Invisalign clear aligners are made of proprietary, multilayer SmartTrack® material to gently shift your teeth into place.

Invisalign for Adults

There’s never been a better time to get the smile you’ve always wanted. And there’s never been a better way to do it.

The clear alternative to adult braces

The most advanced clear aligner system

Invisalign® treatment is the most advanced orthodontic system in the world, with innovations no other clear aligner can claim. Only Invisalign clear aligners are made from proprietary SmartTrack® material, so they provide a better fit and move your teeth more precisely.*

Live life the way you want

Live life the way you want

No brackets. No wires. Few food restrictions. With virtually invisible Invisalign® clear aligners, you keep living your life while you transform your smile.

Live life the way you want

Maintain oral hygiene

While you’re straightening your teeth with Invisalign clear aligners, you can keep brushing and flossing like you always do.

Eating Your Way to Healthier Teeth

The health of your gums and teeth can be affected by a number of different factors. This includes your lifestyle and habits, your oral health routine, and your diet. When it comes to the latter, it is important to remember that there are a number of key nutrients and vitamins that are important when it comes to maintaining good oral health. This is why you need to adapt your diet to ensure you are getting adequate intake of these vitamins and nutrients.

Some of the foods that you should include as part of your regular diet

Eating a balanced and healthy diet is important when it comes to all areas of your health. However, there are certain foods that can help with your oral health because of the nutrients and vitamins that they contain. Some of the foods that you should try and incorporate into your regular diet include:

  • Foods that are rich in calcium: Calcium is essential when it comes to building strong bones and teeth. This is why you need to ensure you get plenty of calcium in your diet. Products such as cheese, milk, and other dairy products are a valuable source of calcium. Also, kale, broccoli, and sardines are all valuable sources of this nutrient. You can also get calcium supplements if you need to increase your intake using other methods.
  • Vitamin C: When it comes to your health, vitamin C plays an important role. It is a vitamin that is essential when it comes to fighting infections and repairing connective tissue. Studies have shown that those who are lacking when it comes to vitamin C intake are more likely to get gingivitis, which can cause swelling, inflammation, and bleeding of the gums. Make sure you eat plenty of fruit and vegetables that contain vitamin C. There are also many vitamin C supplements that you can choose from.
  • Crunchy fruit and vegetables: You should also try and eat plenty of crunchy fresh fruit and vegetables to aid your oral health. Fruit and vegetables are an important part of any balanced diet. When you eat crunchy fruit and vegetables, they can help to wipe away bacteria from the teeth. In addition, the chewing required helps to generate saliva, which can help to neutralize bacteria.
  • Water: Water is essential to your overall health and this includes your oral health. When you drink water, it helps to get rid of food particles and bacteria, which offers greater protection for your teeth. In addition, drinking tap water means that you benefit from fluoride, which helps to prevent decay.

Speak to experts at our Manhattan Dental clinic

If you need any advice about improving your dental health, you can speak to one of the best dentists in New York by arranging an appointment at our Manhattan Dental clinic. Simply get in touch today and we can arrange a consultation.

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Developing a Good Oral Health Routine

Developing a Good Oral Health RoutineMany people these days take their dental health and teeth for granted. Imagine what life would be like if you lost your teeth prematurely – well, this is something that can and does happen. If you fail to maintain a good dental health routine from an early age, your gums and teeth will really suffer. This could include everything from developing gum disease and related problems through to your teeth becoming mobile or even coming out.

Steps to develop a healthy routine

In order to reduce the risk of early tooth loss, infections, and unsightly teeth, you need to make sure you develop a good, solid dental health routine. This won’t take up a lot of time but the benefits can be far reaching. Some of the steps you need to take in order to look after your oral health include:

  • Developing a Good Oral Health RoutineBrushing your teeth twice daily: You need to ensure you brush your teeth morning and night. You can use a recommended electric toothbrush, as these tend to be more effective and reach into difficult areas in the mouth. Make sure that you brush for at least 2-3 minutes each time you brush, as this is the minimum time required for the toothpaste to get to work. Also, use fluoride toothpaste that helps to fight against cavities.
  • Make sure you clean between your teeth: You also need to make sure you clean between your teeth, as food particles and bacteria can settle in these spaces otherwise. This means flossing at least once a day. There are plenty of different types of floss you can use to suit your needs. Flossing plays a vital part in your overall dental health so make sure you use floss regularly.
  • Regular checkups: You need to make sure you visit your dentist regularly for a checkup. This is another vital part of your overall dental health. Checkups on a regular basis can help to identify any issues early on so that they can be rectified. In addition, it helps to keep your teeth looking their best, as your dentist can perform a scale and polish as part of your checkup.

Of course, you also need to remember that your lifestyle and diet form part of your dental health. If you eat too many sugary foods, your dental health will suffer. In addition, bad habits such as smoking can affect your gums as well as stain your teeth, which will also have a negative impact on your dental health.

Get your teeth checked by the experts

Developing a Good Oral Health RoutineIf you want to get your teeth checked by one of the best dentists in New York, contact our Manhattan office today. We can get you booked in for a thorough check to help you maintain good oral health.


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Simple Tips to Achieve the Perfect Smile

Simple Tips to Achieve the Perfect SmileAchieving the perfect smile is something that many people are keen to do. However, it is not always that simple to do. The good news is that there are some simple tips and steps that can help to make it easier to achieve the perfect results when it comes to your smile. You can then look forward to turning heads and feeling confident no matter where you go.

Making your smile stand out

If you want your smile to stand out and you want to be able to enjoy a high degree of confidence as well as a great look, here are some tips and tricks that you can try:

  • Make sure you brush and floss: Most people know the importance of brushing twice daily. However, the secret to a great smile is to ensure you floss as well as brush. You should floss at least once a day to get rid of food particles and bacteria from between the teeth. You can also use a whitening toothpaste if you want to add some dazzle.
  • Simple Tips to Achieve the Perfect SmileIncrease the amount of calcium and vitamin C in your diet: Another thing to remember is that there are certain vitamins and nutrients that are vital for health, strong teeth. This includes calcium and vitamin C. You should try and introduce a range of foods that contain these nutrients and vitamins into your diet.
  • Avoid sugary and very acidic foods: You need to be very careful about what you eat if you want to protect your teeth and smile. You need to go very easy on both sugary foods and those that are very acidic such as citrus fruits. These can have an adverse effect on the health of your teeth.
  • Visit a dentist to have your teeth whitened: Another thing that you can do is pay a visit to the dentist in order to have your teeth whitened. This provides a fast and effect ways of achieving the perfect, bright smile. It also offers far better results than the kits that you can use at home.
  • Use the right lipstick shade: Another way in which you can make your teeth appear whiter and brighter is by wearing lipstick that has blue undertones. If you wear bright, bold colors, these tend to highlight any discoloration, so be mindful about the shade that you choose.

Speak to an expert dentist about teeth whitening

Simple Tips to Achieve the Perfect SmileIf you want to enjoy a long-lasting brighter smile, you can speak to one of the best dentists in New York about whitening treatment. Simply get in touch with us today and we can sort out a consultation with our dental expert.

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Top 5 Reasons to See a Professional Dentist

Good oral hygiene is an integral part of your physiological well-being. If you’re having a problems chewing food or if there is something wrong with your buccal cavity, the complications can lead to several oral and non-oral medical conditions. This makes it extremely important to routinely see a professional dentist so you can maintain your dental health. Here are the top 5 reasons for you to visit your dentist:

Prevention: We have heard how prevention is better than cure. Spending hundreds of dollars on a dental treatment can be avoided if you are vigilant. Your dentist can educate you on how what you can do avoid dental problems and how to check if something is wrong. Regular visits with your dentist for teeth cleaning, which is a systematic process of removing plaque deposits, can help inhibit the proliferation of bacteria, reducing the chance of tooth decay.

Another efficient way of avoiding cavities is receiving regular fluoride treatments. These treatments have a range of advantages. The chemical helps strengthen teeth by making them more resistant to the pH value of certain edibles.

For example, the bacteria and sugars that are responsible for tooth decay are harmful because of a certain type of acid that they produce. Increased resistance of your teeth can minimize your chances of developing cavities. The fluoride treatment also helps in reverse minor decay that had take place at an earlier stage.

Detection & Timely Diagnosis: Your dentist will run a series of tests on you routinely to detect any possible oral health red flags. He will take X-Rays and use other examination techniques to inspect your teeth, searching for anything out of the ordinary as he moves along. Early detection of a plaque buildup or bacterial deposits can prompt an immediate response by the dentist. This can save you a whole lot pain and money.

Treatment: You cannot avoid dental problems altogether. Somewhere down the line, if you happen to encounter a dental complication the best course of action is to go and see your dentist, who will be able to properly prescribe a treatment plan so that your oral cavity returns to normal. The treatment can be surgical or non-invasive in nature, depending on the complication.

You Will Always Feel good: Having clean, white teeth makes a person look livelier and more confident. Discolored teeth and bad breath can be a put off. Plus, if you have discolored teeth, it is less likely that you will give that toothy smile you once did. You won’t talk much in fear that people will notice your teeth. It is no mystery that your smile is the most noticeable facial feature there is. This theory was reinforced by the results of a survey, in which 94% of people stated that the first thing they notice about a stranger is his smile. Going to the dentist for teeth-whitening treatments can induce a subtle change in the color of your teeth, and hence, your confidence as a whole.

Save money: You can save a considerable amount of money if you focus on prevention rather than cure. Routine visits with your dentist can be covered with your dental plan, which doesn’t exactly cost you much. However, the cost of fixing a dental problem is much more exaggerated, which is why is it is smarter to frequently visit the dentist and save money in the long run.

The Most Common Dental Ailments

Are you embarrassed of how people run away every time you open your mouth to talk? Are you wondering if it has anything to do with your oral hygiene? Well, in most of the case, it’s your oral hygiene that causes your breath to smell bad.

Certain dental ailments can lead to bad breath and other problems that reflect poor hygiene standards. They can ruin your smile, and you will also notice people ignoring you when you talk to them. Think carefully and you will realize that they are not ignoring you, it’s just that don’t have any other choice. Good teeth reflect a healthy life style and that is why you must take care of them. Your mouth is full of bacteria and even if you brush regularly, they do not go away easily. This can lead to several dental problems. Some of the most common dental ailments are listed below:

Tooth Decay:

dentalA very common occurrence of this ailment is in children. Children do not care about their oral hygiene as much. They, therefore, are more prone to be affected by plaque. This colourless substance attaches itself to the teeth and can grow to form cavities. Plaques need sugar in order to grow and we all know that children love sweet foods. Eating healthier meals and avoiding sugary treats can help in stopping tooth decay from ever happening.

Gum Disease:

dentalGum or periodontal disease is a kind of infection that can lead to tooth loss or worse. Smoking and drinking a lot is the main cause of gum disease after the age of 30. Gum disease causes a variety of ill effects in your mouth, which include bad breath as well as gum inflammation. It is recommended to wash your mouth with a glycerine mouth wash every now and then to stop this infection from ever happening.

Oral Cancer:

This disease is responsible for thousands of deaths each year and is more common in men than in women. The main cause of oral cancer is smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol nonstop. Some people also have a habit of chewing tobacco which is extremely harmful as it can affect your entire mouth. The insides can become really sore while huge lumps can be formed which completely stop you from eating food. The person must be hospitalized immediately if he is to survive.


Mouth Sores:

These can happen due to a vitamin C deficiency as well as taking too much stress. These sores can last for weeks if not treated however, most last for 2 weeks tops. These sores are not contagious unless they form on the outer lip after which you need to consult to a doctor as soon as possible.

Bottom Line:

Oral hygiene can play a big part in your life. Taking care of your teeth will help you stay healthier internally and give you an improved self-image externally. You should change your habits of eating sugary foods excessively. Brushing teeth, frequent flossing and mouth washing should be constant parts of your oral hygiene.

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The Effects of Smoking on Your Dental Health

denatl healthSmoking is a dangerous addiction that just starts out as a habit. Surveys show that 15 out of every 100 adults in the US are smokers. This means that over 36.5 million Americans have smoked or are currently smoking. About 16 million of these have contracted a smoking related disease. A great portion of these diseases is dental problems, which is why it is essential to understand the effects of tobacco-consumption on dental health.



Bad breath: The first and foremost effect of smoking is bad breath. Let’s face it. Smoke and tar don’t really smell like flowers. Whether you’re at home or at the office, the people around you won’t exactly appreciate the fact you smell like a depleted coal mine. My advice: Carry some breath mints with you so you don’t repel that girl you’ve wanted to talk to for so long.

dental healthTeeth discoloration: Unless they’ve started manufacturing fluoride cigarettes, smoking does little to maintain the whiteness in your teeth. Cigarette smoke contains several pollutant deposits that can cause that yellowish tinge on your teeth. You won’t smile that often with discolored teeth.

Plaque buildup and tartar: Plaque is perhaps the root cause of every dental problem that we have ever come across. Plaque is the doorway that invites parasitic bacteria, which is deposited on the surface of the teeth and devours the enamel coating on the teeth. This erosion of the outer enamel gives rise to several oral health complications such as halitosis, gingivitis and cavities. Cavities need to be filled in order to prevent the manifestation of a number of other dental conditions, including sensitivity and nerve damage.

Gum Disease: Particles from cigarette smoke can penetrate your gums and attack the joint where the bone meets the soft tissue of the teeth, thus interfering with the normal functioning of your gums. This hindrance can lead to multiple problems including an infection or abscess in the jaw as a result of an infection in the roots of the teeth. Apart from this, impaired blood flow to the gums adversely affects the healing potential in the case of an injury. Perpetual gum disease can cause tooth loss too.

Increased risk of Leukoplakia: Leukoplakia is the manifestation of white or gray patches in the mouth – the tongue, inside of the cheeks and underneath the tongue. These patches have also been observed in female genital areas (unknown cause). The patches develop as part of the mouth’s reaction towards persistent irritation in the mucous membranes. As if the plaque wasn’t enough.

Oral cancer: The chances of developing oral cancer greatly increase if you are a smoker. Smokers are six times more susceptible to contracting mouth cancer as well as tongue, lips, and throat cancer.

All these, plus an increased chance of failure of dental treatment are advisory complaints. Kick the habit and stop endangering yourself. For dental treatment, contact us today to schedule an appointment with the best Dentist in New York.

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Technology in the Dentist’s Office

Technology in the Dentist’s OfficeWhen was the last time you learned about the technology present in your dentist’s office? If you have not done so in a long time, now is a great time to look around the exam room and notice what’s there to help you. Not all dental offices have upgraded to newer technology. However, we believe it offers numerous benefits to you, our patients. And, we also continuously look for products and solutions that provide better outcomes, reduce pain, and improve your long-term dental health. But, how can technology work in your favor? Take a look at a few of the ways we are helping you through advanced technological solutions.

What’s in the Office?

We offer a wide range of modern technologies in our dental office. At the heart of this is our intro-oral cameras. These cameras can provide us with a great deal of insight into what’s happening in your mouth and within your overall tooth structure. Dental cameras like this do not cause any pain or discomfort to you, but they do give us the ability to provide you with a better diagnosis of your oral health and treatment of any areas of concern. In addition, we can show you what’s happening on the monitors as well. This allows you to understand what’s really occurring and what you can do about it.

Technology in the Dentist’s OfficeWe also use digital x-rays. These provide us with more details and better prices. They also reduce the amount of radiation exposure you have. That’s good for you. We have an onsite lab for minor adjustments in shade to veneers and other types of procedures as well. This can allow us to resolve concerns right away and improve your overall outcome. And, another level of technology we are offering is educational DVDs. These provide you with a great deal of insight into oral health and dental care. Each one makes it easy to understand what your options are, how to care for your teeth, and what to expect from the various procedures we offer in our offices.

Technology in the Dentist’s Office

Take a few minutes today to discuss with us what your oral health needs are. Schedule a consultation with us in our New York City offices to learn more about any of the technology we have onsite as well. We’re here to help you and our advanced technology makes that more possible than ever before.

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The 5 Factors You Cannot Ignore When Selecting a Dentist

How long has it been since you last got your teeth checked? One year? Two years? Maybe three? Our oral hygiene is essential when it comes to safety from several diseases. Our mouth is said to have the most bacteria out of the entire body because of the things we eat. Our teeth are where most of the bacteria accumulate which can cause bad breath or even a hole in the tooth.

You see dentists may recommend brushing teeth three times a day, but even that could prove to be inefficient when it comes to the places where the toothbrush cannot reach. That’s where a dentist appointment can save you from a lot of pain. The dentist will not only clean your teeth properly. He will make sure your mouth is free of bacteria.

However, people need to consider some things before they choose their dentist. The following tips can help you build trust between yourself and the dentist so you can be comfortable in discussing any issues. Other factors are there to assist you financially. They include:

dentalDoes Your Insurance Cover It?

Sometimes you may come across a dentist that your family and friends might recommend, but your insurance might not cover him. You can call and ask if the dentist submits claims to all insurances because that means it is easier for you to be treated by him.

The Office Hours and Location

You need to consider whether or not the dentist timings fit your schedule. You must also take into account the location, which means if the dentist’s office is at the other end of the city, it is a big red flag, and you need to consider someone else.

Does The Dentist Administer Any Anesthesia?

Many people fear the dentist because teeth treatments can be excruciating, especially if you are scared. In that case, check with the dentist of what type of anesthesia he will give you. Offering oral sedation can help you with your fear, feel comfortable and easily get your problem sorted out.dental

What Are The Costs? Do I Have Enough Finances?

In case your insurance does not pull through, you have to consider whether or not you can afford the dentist. Discuss the treatment plan with him and make a cost schedule so you can know what you are paying for and how much you are paying for it.

Bottom Line

Dentists are helpful when it comes to fixing your teeth or just whitening them. You need to check with them every six months so that you can eliminate the possibility of getting sick due to bacteria in your mouth. Furthermore, dentists can be friendly and can recommend amazing gadgets, and good smelling mouth washes that you would not know otherwise. In the end, if you are good enough you might even get a lollipop.

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When Should You Get Emergency Dental Help?

When Should You Get Emergency Dental HelpEmergency dental service is not something to put off if you feel there is a need for it. If you are experiencing a life-threatening condition, your first step should always be to go to the local emergency room. However, most dental emergencies are not life threatening and your local ER may not have the tools and resources to help you with it. When should you get this type of care and what instances should not wait until your next dental appointment?

How the ER Can Help

The local emergency room is only capable of providing you with some basic support for dental situations. If you are bleeding extensively or for a long time, they can help stop this. They can also help in situations where pain is extreme. However, these types of situations are hard to fix until the underlying cause of your dental pain and discomfort is understood and resolved. For that, you need a dentist.

How a Dentist Can Help

When Should You Get Emergency Dental HelpThere are emergency dentists available in New York and the surrounding area. These individuals generally take patients who cannot wait for an appointment by providing them with same-day care. You may wish to seek out this type of care in situations such as:

    • You have a lot of pain.
    • You are unable to drink or eat because of the pain.
    • You have bleeding that is severe.
    • You have a missing filling or crown that is causing pain.

There are many other situations in which emergency dental health is important. The key here is to realize you do not have to wait. Often, the pain you have is due to an exposed nerve. That type of pain can be very severe and debilitating. It will continue even with over the counter medications, until you get the underlying problem resolved. For these reasons, you’ll want to request an emergency dental appointment to get the problem taken care of right away.

When Should You Get Emergency Dental HelpWhen you need help right away for your dental health needs, contact our NYC dentist. We can help you to get the care you need for pain and discomfort while treating the underlying cause of your condition. Do not put off getting the help you need. Dental emergencies can worsen and can lead to immune system responses and other complications if you do not seek out help. The good news is that our NYC dentist can often help you right away.

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Managing Cavities

Managing CavitiesCavities are not uncommon. Most individuals will have one or more throughout their lifetime. And, when they are given proper attention, it is likely that they will be no risk to your overall oral health. The problem is, many people do not get cavities taken care of soon enough and this can lead to damage to your teeth, gums, and eventually to the bone in your mouth. Cavity treatment is nothing to be worried about. New treatment and procedures make care easier and far less painful than you may imagine. Many people even find that having a cavity treated reduces the amount of pain and discomfort they have.

What Options Are Available?

The first step is always to visit your dentist to learn if you have cavities, the severity of them, and the number of them present. Then, you and your dentist can work out a plan to treat them. Options for managing cavities include:

Managing CavitiesUse of a fluoride treatment is common. This is best for those just beginning to form as it may help to restore the tooth’s enamel and protect your teeth in the long term.
Fillings are very common. This is a type of restoration of the tooth. It is the most common option when the decay caused by cavities progresses beyond just the first level of enamel damage. The use of porcelain, resin composites, and a combination of materials can fill in these gaps to protect the tooth.

Crowns are another type of treatment that is best suited when the cavity is severe. It often becomes necessary when the decay has created a weakened tooth. You will find that crowns help to protect the tooth from further damage.
Root canal are generally the next step. Here, the decay is within the inner portion of the tooth and creating inflammation and infection in the dental pulp. Root canals can help to flush that away and fill in the opening to prevent worsening.
Tooth extractions may be necessary in the most severe cases. The goal here is to remove the tooth to reduce pain and to consider options such as implants or bridges to restore function.

Managing CavitiesEach person’s needs are different. When you come in to see our experienced dentist in New York City, we’ll work with you to understand the best option for your individual needs. Don’t put off getting the help you need to protect your oral health.

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What Nutrition Is Important for Dental Health?

What Nutrition Is Important for Dental HealthHow does nutrition – what you eat each day – impact the health of your gums and teeth? You may be surprised that it is not just about eating less sugary foods. Nutrition is important for your oral health. And, like much of the rest of your body and organs, you’ll see that your teeth are healthier and you feel better when you change your diet to reflect the use of better nutrition overall. What do your teeth and gums need to remain healthy?

What Are the Best Foods for Dental Health?

Like other parts of your body, your mouth is made up of various cell types all working together to achieve the goals of keeping your body functioning. To work well, each of these cells needs a unique combination of nutrients. You’ll get these nutrients if you eat a well-rounded and balanced diet. But, some foods tend to be better overall for your dental health. Those include:

  • What Nutrition Is Important for Dental HealthWater – At the heart of oral health is fluoride water. Drinking water like this helps to protect your teeth and helps you avoid cavities.
  • Dairy – You’ll also find that including more dairy in your diet is very important for dental health. These tend to be low in sugar and full of calcium, which is excellent at strengthening your teeth.
  • Protein – Lean protein is best for oral health. This includes poultry, fish, and lean cuts of other meats. Eggs are also good for your teeth because they help to rebuild tooth enamel and protect it from decay.
  • Vegetables – A variety of fruits and vegetables are important for your diet and your oral health. They help to stimulate saliva production to remove acids and particles from teeth while also reducing the amount of sugars present.
  • Nuts – Healthy sources of fat, like nuts, can also help improve your oral health. They help to reduce bacteria presence and aid in keeping the teeth from decaying.

What Nutrition Is Important for Dental HealthThe best diet for your teeth is one that’s good for your entire body. A focus on these types of foods can make a big difference in your oral health. However, you still need to come in to see the best dentist in New York City to learn what else you can do to protect and restore your oral health. You’ll be impressed with the many options available to you that not only taste good but also keep your mouth healthy.

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Sleep Apnea and Dental Health

Sleep Apnea and Dental HealthSleep apnea is a dangerous condition. It impacts many people today and most do not know they suffer from it. However, it is always important for individuals to take action if they believe they suffer from sleep apnea to obtain treatment. Not doing so could expose your overall health. Sleep apnea has been linked to heart disease, a higher risk of strokes, and other complications.

The good news is there are treatment options available, including appliances customized to your specific needs, from our dental professionals.

What Occurs During Sleep Apnea?

Sleep Apnea and Dental HealthWhen a person suffers from sleep apnea, his or her airway becomes blocked by tissues. This limits the amount of space that air can flow. Individuals who snore a great deal are may have this condition. When it occurs, it cuts off the passage of air to the lungs during sleep. This causing the person to wake up just enough to adjust the body to again allow air to properly flow. This happens hundreds – if not more – times a day. The end result is that you never get enough sleep at night and you end up struggling with being tired all of the time. The lack of deep sleep also leads to other complications including difficulties concentrating and, in some cases, can increase the risk of heart disease in some people.

What Can Be Done?

In some people, the tongue and tissues in the upper airway are the underlying problem associated with sleep apnea. By using customized appliances made to fit into your mouth at night, it is possible to keep the airway properly open and to allow air to pass as it should. This stops sleep apnea from occurring and allows you to sleep better at night. What’s more, your dental care team can help to make this possible.

Our team creates appliances that can help prevent or reducing snoring and help with sleep apnea. Each piece is customized to meet the specific Sleep Apnea and Dental Healthneeds of your mouth and breathing concerns. It is always important for individuals to have a customized dental appliance made by a professional that specializes in these types of devices since this ultimately determines the success of these products and the reduction of your symptoms. Let us help you. Contact us today to discuss the need for dental appliances. You’ll be working with one of the best dentists in the area.

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Do You Need a Dental Deep Cleaning?

Do You Need a Dental Deep Cleaning?You brush your teeth every day. You floss like you should. Why would your dentist recommend a deep cleaning then? It is not uncommon for people to need a more thorough cleaning of their teeth. With the growing number of people facing gingivitis and gum disease, it is becoming more common for this type of dental treatment to be necessary. Deep cleaning sounds like an invasive procedure, but it can be one of the best ways to restore and protect your teeth.

Who Needs Deep Cleaning?

The need for a dental deep cleaning is generally something you will learn about when you visit your Do You Need a Dental Deep Cleaning?dentist or your dental hygienist. This person will use a probe to measure the amount of space around your teeth between your gums. The goal is to see if any level of pocketing occurs. This happens when bacteria in the area builds up between the gum tissue and the gums. When a space of 5 millimeters or more is present, it can be necessary to have a more thorough cleaning.

Because these pockets are present, it is understood that the amount of bacteria and plaque buildup is significant. Traditional brushing is not enough. Flossing is not enough. Even your regular dental cleaning will not be able to reach deeply enough to remove the buildup present.

What Happens During This Cleaning?

Do You Need a Dental Deep Cleaning?Deep cleaning occurs when the dentist removes the tartar and plaque buildup from this area. This is done through a process called scaling and root planning. The surface of the tooth is scaled to remove as much of the buildup as possible. This process, which generally takes two visits to your dentist, takes time. However, it will help to remove those deep pockets of built up debris that are causing your pain and discomfort.

There are various methods available for dental deep cleaning. They all have the same goal of removing as much of the plaque and tartar buildup present as possible. In doing so, they help to give your body’s immune system a better opportunity to fight off the infections and inflammation bacteria causes. This can help to protect your gums and your teeth from long-term damage. Come in to see our trusted New York City dentist to learn more about deep cleaning and whether or not it can be a beneficial treatment for you. Let our team help you protect your oral health.

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ExtractionsDental extractions occur for many reasons. In short, an extraction is the removal of the tooth from the socket that is in the jaw bone. Whenever possible, the goal is to preserve the natural teeth. And, with proper care, it is possible to do that long term. However, there are instances in which the teeth need to be removed. When this occurs, extractions become necessary. Generally, the most common reason for extractions include removing broken, damaged, or diseased teeth. Whenever possible, fillings, crowns, and bridges are used to save those teeth. But, when the tooth is very loose or beyond repair, removing it becomes necessary.

What Occurs During Tooth Extractions?

Tooth extractions differ from one person to the next, but in most cases, an x-ray is the first step. This provides the dentist with information about the proper method for removal. You may need to take antibiotics as well, as a tool for reducing the risk of infections.

ExtractionsOne of the ways a tooth is removed is through a simple extraction. This occurs when the tooth is easy to seen in the mouth. An instrument called an elevator is then used to remove the tooth from its position. The second option is surgery. This is a more complex procedure that becomes necessary when the top portion or exposed portion of the tooth is no longer visible or present. Surgical extractions are not uncommon and a standard dentist can do them.

Once removal occurs you will need to follow specific instruction. This often means taking over-the-counter pain medications. You may be given specific steps to minimize the risk of bleeding, especially immediately holding gauze to the area if a bleed occurs. You may need to eat soft foods for a few days and rinse your mouth with salt water to kill bacteria. In some cases, stitches are present and may require removal from your dentist a few days to weeks after the procedure.

ExtractionsThere are some risks involved in tooth extraction, but today’s methods and instruments are highly effective. And, we take every step possible to reduce any risk to you as well. When you work with our team, you get the best possible outcome whenever an extraction is necessary. More so, we’ll help you avoid it or even replace your tooth with other dental solutions as well. Contact us today for a consultation with the best NYC dentist to get started.

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Dentures and Partial Dentures

Dentures and Partial DenturesIs it time for dentures? Dentures can help to restore your smile, speaking function, and chewing action. They become especially beneficial to people as they get older when the natural teeth become decayed, damaged, or lost. Dentures, whether full or partial, can help to fill in for missing teeth. They allow you to put them in and take them back out of the mouth. When done properly, and used properly, they can feel just like your natural teeth and give you a natural look as well. There are various product options on the market and you will need to choose the one that is right for your needs.

What Are Full and Partial Dentures?

As their names imply, full dentures are replacements for either the upper or the lower jaw. Partial dentures replace a set of teeth in one area. Full dentures will require the removal of your existing natural teeth. Then, after the tissues heal, which can take several months, you’ll see full dentures created to fit your needs. Immediate full dentures may be available. This method allows you to never be without teeth (which will happen while your tissues heal normally). However, not all individuals are candidates for this type of procedure.

Dentures and Partial DenturesPartial dentures are a bit different. They rest on the metal framework. That framework attaches to the teeth. In some situations, crowns are put in place on your natural teeth to work as anchors for the dentures themselves.

What Should You Consider

When choosing dentures, recognize the importance of esthetics and fit. The proper fit ensures normal chewing with few, if any limitations. And, when you choose the right professionals to place your dentures, you’ll have very natural looking teeth. Most people will not know you have dentures unless you tell them you do. Today’s most advanced solutions give you the ability to have teeth that feel and look normal. They are comfortable and, with normal care, they can last a long time.

Dentures and Partial DenturesThe key here is to turn to the right professional for these dentures, though. We have a specialist on hand that can do the work for you and ensure the best possible outcome. Our specialist, a prosthodontist, works closely with you to provide you with the best possible outcome. Come in to see the best dentist in New York City to learn more about these dentures and if they are the right option for you.

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Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal TherapyCould a root canal be right for you? Root canals are often necessary for improving the overall health and wellbeing of your oral health. Many people fear root canals. Today’s procedures are not painful and can offer significant improvement to your health as well as reduce the pain you may already have. For many people, they are necessary. The good news is that root canal therapy, when done properly, can help you to see improvement in dental health, less pain, and a better smile. If your dentist thinks you need one, it is important to choose an experienced professional for this type of help.

What Happens During a Root Canal Procedure?

Root Canal TherapyRoot canals are commonly necessary when there is a large cavity or significant damage to the tooth’s root structure. The root holds the tooth in place and runs into the bone. When an injury occurs, bacteria can enter into the root area leading to inflammation (and pain) as well as infection. Your dentist will numb the tooth as a first step and then make a small opening through the very top portion of the tooth called the pulp chamber.

Then, the infected and inflamed tissue in this area that is causing the problem is removed. Your dentist will flush the area and then use a filling material to fill up the open space.

The canals created will be filled with a permanent material called gutta-percha. It helps to keep the space free of bacteria that causes infections. Then, it is necessary to seal the opening and place a crown, often called a cap, in its place. This helps you to have a natural looking tooth again.

Root canals are not uncommon, but they can fail when proper irrigation and removal of the infected tissue does not occur. The cap as well as the permanent material within can also fail. When this happens, it is often due to poor workmanship or not enough attention paid to the problem area. When you turn to our professionals, on the other hand, we’ll help you to get the root canal done properly to minimize any long term implications and to ensure the root canal lasts.

Root Canal TherapyWhen you have cavities or tooth infections that do not seem to get better, your first step is to contact our team. Schedule a consultation with one of the best dentists in New York City to learn more about your options.

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How Do Dental Sealants Work?

How Do Dental Sealants Work?Has your dentist talked to you about using sealants? Though they are not new technology, they are being used more readily today than ever before. It’s important to understand what they are, how they work, and what risks you have when using them. Of course, it is always best to meet with your dentist to discuss these needs in depth before actually making a decision about using them.


What Are They?

How Do Dental Sealants Work?Dental sealants are a type of plastic-based coating that is placed over the very top or chewing portion of the teeth. They are placed on the back, permanent teeth (not usually used on baby teeth). They fit over the molars and premolars securely and remain in place long term. Their goal is to help seal out and protect the teeth from decay.

The use of dental sealants aims to reduce the amount of damage caused to the teeth by decay. Decay occurs when the grooves in these molars, called fissures, make them more likely to become susceptible to decay. Fissures can be very deep and they are very hard to keep clean. This makes it hard for you to remove the bacteria and debris from this area of your mouth well enough to safeguard your dental health. As a result, plaque will build up in these areas and that can lead to damage to your teeth and gums over time.

What You Need to Know

Before considering dental sealants, it is important to consider a few things:

    • Dental sealants can also be placed on permanent teeth other than the molars if they are deep fissures present.
    • They can be placed on adults and children. Adults are at a higher risk of needing these products.
    • They are clear. Though they can also be colored to match the coloring of your teeth. This makes it hard for these to be noticed by others.
    • In most cases, they can be used for years and will remain in place for long term use.
    • You’ll still need to use a fluoride toothpaste to help protect your teeth. This doesn’t minimize the need for good oral hygiene practices.

How Do Dental Sealants Work?If you are thinking about dental sealants and wondering if they may be right for you, come in to see our New York City dentist to learn more about the options available.

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What Are the Symptoms of Periodontal Disease?

Periodontal DiseasePeriodontal disease is one of the most common types of dental health problems in American adults. Children are not immune to this condition either. Also known as gum disease, periodontal disease isn’t just about a little bit of pink in the sink when brushing. There are health risks to this condition including links to heart disease. Yet, many people don’t know they have this condition. And, while it impacts many adults, you may not know that you need help for overcoming it and getting it back under control.

Do You Have Periodontal Disease?

Periodontal disease is an inflammation of the gums or soft tissues in the mouth. It occurs as a result of buildup of bacteria that hardens into tartar. It impacts the gums and, over time, can impact the bones of your jaw and your teeth themselves. Here are some of the symptoms of this condition you simply need to know:

  • You have bad breath. If that bad breath does not go away with every brushing, this could indicate the presence of a high level of bacteria. Bacteria causes that smell. When periodontal disease worsens, brushing alone does not help.
  • You have red and swollen gums. This is one of the first signs of this condition. The tissues in your mouth become overwhelmed by the presence of bacteria and become inflamed as a result.
  • Your gums bleed. This may be present in your rinse from brushing or it can become constant. Some people may experience bright red gum bleeding as this condition worsens.
  • You may have pain in your teeth. This can happen for multiple reasons. It may include pain from chewing due to the pressure on the teeth. It may also be from sensitive teeth.
  • You may see receding gums. This occurs when the gums begin to loosen and pull away from the teeth. They help to hold the teeth in place. When this happens, you may notice that your teeth are looser.

Periodontal Disease

What You Need to Do

If you believe you may have periodontal disease, it’s important to take action right away to minimize the condition. This is necessary because, in cases of severe gum disease, you can lose your teeth. Come in to see our experienced dentist in New York City to learn more about your gum health and overall oral health. Let our team help you get periodontal disease under control.

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Missing Teeth and Implants

implantsMissing teeth are not uncommon. Many people lose teeth for a variety of reasons. It can occur as a result of an accident, tooth decay and disease, or other causes. Whenever a tooth is missing, though, it can lead to complications within the mouth. The teeth can shift due to the open space creating alignment concerns for all of the teeth in that area. More so, many people want to find a solution for reducing missing teeth simply because of the cosmetic benefits it can offer. But, what should you know about solving missing teeth problems? In short, implants can be the solution you need.

How Can Implants Help You?

Dental implants take the place of natural teeth in the mouth. They create a tooth like look in the mouth. And, these implants are very durable and long lasting. It can be quite like simply improving your smile and giving you back your missing teeth. For many people, this is an excellent solution. But, it is important to turn to a dentist that can help you to create the very best outcome. Our team can help you to do that.

The procedure for placing implants will vary some from one patient to the next. In general, the process involves drilling into the jaw bone to create an anchoring position. This position allows for the implant to be put in place securely so it lasts a long time. It can take several procedures and appointments to create the final result. Proper medication is used to reduce any pain or discomfort you have. Implants can help you avoid the use of dentures as well.dental implant

There are various reasons implants can fail including inferior materials and poorly conducted procedures. Because implants are meant to be a long term solution, though, it is important for you to invest the time into the right professionals for the job. We have a specialist on our team that handles implants because of the importance of this expertise. Our prosthodontist or implantologist, two terms used to describe these specialists, are here to help answer all of your questions and guide your decision to have implants.

When you schedule a consultation with the best dentist in New York City, you’ll get the attention and care you need. We’ll talk about whether or not implants may be the right solution for you and offer solutions that fit your needs.


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Occlusal Wear and Grinding: TMD

Occlusal SplintsDo you suffer from temporomandibular disorders, also known as TMD? If so, you are not alone. Many people who suffer from bruxism, clenching, or other types of TMD concerns struggle to find solutions. While it may not seem like a solution is available, when you work with one of the best dentists in NYC, you’ll find solutions that can help you. One of those options is occlusal wear. What is it and why should it matter to you?

Why Use Occlusal Splints?

Occlusal splints are a type of therapeutic approach to allow for the upper and the lower jaw to better come together. This occurs without allowing for the teeth to come in contact with each other. In addition, the use of theses splints can also help with reducing the pain you feel because they encourage the muscle to relax. There are many reasons why you may have a lower jaw that does not align or work properly. It may be a previous surgery, an accident or a defect that occurred during development.

Is a splint the right option for you? It can be. This plastic bite splint, called an occlusal splint, is a common type of treatment for TMD concerns. It allows for you to avoid contact between the upper and lower jaw. And, perhaps even more importantly, it creates a more comfortable hinge position. The splint isn’t uncomfortable to wear. It can be ideally suited for many people and is customized to meet your specific needs. As you take into consideration the use of occlusal splints, work with your dental care provider to learn what the underlying cause of your TMD or grinding is. This will allow for a more comprehensive solution that can provide you with the relief you need.Occlusal Splints

Occlusal wear for grinding, clenching and other TMD concerns is a common solution, but the best outcomes occur when you work closely with an experienced dentist with ample ability to offer the ideal type of wear and splint for your needs. When you come in to see our team, we’ll provide you with a full examination and a consultation to better understand what is occurring and why. We will then help you to determine if using occlusal wear is the best overall option for your needs. For many patients, it is a fantastic tool. Call our NYC dentist to schedule a consultant today.

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Dental Phobia Is Real

dental phobiaIt’s often a joke on television or in the movies that people are afraid to visit their dentist. The fact is, dental phobia is a very real experience and nothing that can or should be trivialized to those suffering from it. If you are afraid to visit the dentist, know that we, as your dental provider, understand this fear and we’ll do everything we can to help you overcome it. It’s important to understand it and take steps to minimize the negative way you feel.

What Is Behind Dental Phobia?

Many things can cause a patient to be afraid of a visit to the dentist. It often occurs as a result of a bad childhood experience. You may have had a traumatic experience when you were younger. And, when you are in that same environment now that you are older, with the same smells and sounds, it brings back those negative memories. It creates anxiety and fear. It is important for patients to take the time to understand why they may be afraid. Rationalizing it is important. However, it is also important for you to seek out the care you need from a trusted professional that will help you to overcome your fear.

What Can Be Done About Dental Phobia?

dental phobiaWe understand this fear clearly. We often allow our patients to talk about their experiences. We want you to express yourself to us. This can help to give you some level of improvement in the way you feel. We are also trained in how to community with patients that are struggling in this area. Our goal is to show you that you can trust us. And, then, when you need treatment, we offer the most painless of an experience as is possible.



It’s important to know that technology today is different than it was when you were younger. We now have many products and numbing agents that can be used in your mouth before giving an injection to further reduce your discomfort. We also use new injection techniques called slow injections. We use the right sized needle as well.

The use of intra oral cameras and educational DVDS are some of the options available to you to help you overcome dental phobia. They can help you to know what is happening, why it is being done, and what you can expect. When you visit the best dentist in NYC, you’ll get the confidence boosting support you need.

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What Is Gum Disease?

gum diseaseGum disease is one of the most common types of oral health complications in adults. It is also known as periodontal disease. Many adults have some form of this condition. It can range from a mild inflammation of the soft tissues in the mouth to something much more severe requiring dental surgery. In all situations, gum disease needs treatment to safeguard both your overall oral health as well as your physical wellbeing. It is not something you should put off.

What Causes Gum Disease?

Gum disease occurs as a result of overgrowth of bacteria in the mouth. Bacteria in the mouth is very common and expected. However, mucus, particles, and bacteria can worsen over time when not properly managed. Over time, a sticky, colorless covering develops over the teeth. This is plaque. If you brush your teeth and floss, you can minimize the buildup of plaque, though you will also need routine dental cleanings to control it. If you do not remove it well enough, it will harden. At that point, it develops into tartar. Tartar cannot be removed through brushing and over time, this bacteria can lead to damage to the gums.

This is when gingivitis forms. The bacteria present will inflame the gums or soft tissues within the mouth. This is what gingivitis is. Your gums become swollen and painful. They bleed easily especially when brushing them. In mild forms, it is possible to reverse the condition with standard brushing and dental cleanings. However, over time, the gums will pull away from the teeth as the bacteria enters into the root area and the bone. This requires a more advanced treatment for removing the bacteria and buildup.

gum disease

What You Can Do Now

If you have gum disease at any level, your first step should be to seek out dental care. Your dentist will work closely with you to bring the bacteria levels in control and cleanse the gums and teeth as much as possible. You may need more invasive treatment for this condition. However, fighting gum disease is important. Not doing so can put your oral health at risk and lead to the loss of your teeth themselves.

When you come in to see our dentist in NYC, you’ll get a full exam and understanding of your oral health. This includes looking for gum disease and finding ways to treat it effectively for you.

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What Are Porcelain Veneers?

porcelain veneersFor many individuals, porcelain veneers can be one of the best investments they make. They are a type of thin porcelain material that is used to recreate your teeth. They look very natural and they are very strong. In some situations, they can be the ideal choice for those who want to see an improvement in their smile and have natural looking teeth. If you have teeth that are missing or no longer strong, it may be time to talk about porcelain veneers with your dentist. We can help you.

What You Should Know First


There are various reasons to choose porcelain veneers over other products. These products are very natural looking because they can be shaded to create the right look to match existing teeth. In addition, they are more resilient compared to other products on the market, as well as natural tooth enamel. That’s why they are often recommended for those who need to protect their teeth after decay or damage. The material itself is very flexible solution. For those that are looking for slight changes in tooth position, alter that are minor, and changes to tooth size, shape or color, veneers work well.

The use of porcelain veneers involves the use of thin ceramic layers. These replace the tooth’s natural enamel. There is also an adhesive layer. When a dentist applies the veneer, he or she will remove a very small amount of tooth enamel. This is less than a millimeter. This allows for the veneer to fit into place in the mouth. It is the best way to naturally restore tooth function and improve the appearance.

porcelain veneers

Like all products on the market, turning to an experienced dentist is important. There are various reasons why porcelain veneers can fail. For example, if the bite is not taken into account or open margins are not accurately understood, concerns can arise. In addition, there are concerns related to shade selection. Veneers are translucent. This is why you will need color selection that is very spot on to get the right look.

All of this comes down to having the best professional on hand to help you with your porcelain veneers. When you come in for a consultation for these with our experienced and dedicated team, you’ll get the results you are looking for. Call us today for a consultation with the best dentist in NYC.

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When Should a Baby’s Teeth Be Cleaned?

teethThere’s something exciting about watching your child’s first tooth emerge from under their gum line. Of course, for many parents, this also comes with an intense sense of pain and discomfort for the child, leading to sleepless nights and worried looks. However, most children will develop teeth over a period of time and the overall process shouldn’t be painful. Children can begin developing teeth while still infants, and parents need to stay on top of caring for those teeth right from the start.

How Should You Care for Your Baby’s Teeth?

Start with caring for your child’s gums. Using a soft and wet washcloth, or gauze wipe down the baby’s gums. Do this once or twice a day. Be very gentle during the process. It’s a good idea to make this a practice and to do so after each meal the child consumes. It helps remove much of the bacteria from the child’s mouth.

As a child’s teeth begin to show up, you can move to a toothbrush. Choose one designed for babies and ensure it has a very small head, very soft brush, and a larger handle to give you ample control. As far as toothpaste, you may not need to use it initially. As your child develops more teeth, you can begin to use a safe-to-consume toothpaste since there’s very little chance you can control your small child swallowing the toothpaste. You only need a very small amount – about the size of a grain of rice initially. You’ll increase this to about the size of a pea as the child is about three years old.

Visiting the Dentist

teethAs your child develops his or her first teeth, it is time to consider seeing a dentist. Your dentist will give you information and support as you work towards safeguarding your child’s smile. You’ll need to work to clean your child’s teeth routinely and your dentist can help you to learn how to do just that. You’ll want to also take steps to ensure your child’s teeth are growing in properly and that no cavities or other health concerns exist. This can happen even at a young age.

When you are ready to schedule your child’s first dental appointment, contact our NYC dental offices. As one of the best dentists in New York City, we’re here to help you to get off to a good start.

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What Is a Crown?

crownA dental crown is not an uncommon type of procedure. There are various reasons why we may suggest this type of treatment. Generally, crowns will help in situations where a patient has a weak tooth that needs to be held together or requires bridging from one tooth to the next. We may also recommend a crown if the tooth has extreme discoloration or you want to place it for cosmetic improvement. For many patients, crowns are very useful, easy to obtain, and long lasting.

What Is a Crown Made From?

Various types of crowns are available today. The most common materials used include porcelain, resin, ceramic, and stainless steel. In nearly all cases, porcelain or ceramic crowns are used in situations for cosmetic improvement. Each type of material offers benefits and drawbacks. The installation of dental crowns is not necessarily difficult, but it will take two visits. During the first appointment, your dentist will make sure that the existing tooth is strong enough to support the crown placement. He or she will then prepare that tooth for the crown, a procedure that often includes filing it down. During the second appointment, the crown is put into position.

Why Do Crowns Fail?

crownThere are some situations in which a crown does not work well. They may fail, which means they may fall off or become dislodged. There are various reasons this can occur including poorly sealed margins. This occurs when there are open contacts still present between the tooth with the crown and the adjacent tooth. There is also the risk that the bite was not properly checked prior to the placement of the crown. In addition to this, if decay remains in place, such as under the crown, this can lead to failure of the crown. There are many reasons for failures to occur, but treatment is available if you have had a failure.

When you come in to see us for your dental crown, we’ll provide you with the options in materials and procedures right for the unique situation. We do not make the mistakes that most commonly lead to crown failures. We stand behind our work, within reason, and do the best to help you have the best long term results from crowns. Call our offices today to schedule a consultation with one of the best dentists in NYC to learn more about crowns.

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What Is a Root Canal?

root canalAre you worried about having a root canal? The term often makes many people concerned, but it doesn’t have to be something that causes you to worry about pain. In fact, today, root canals are much less painful and far more beneficial than ever. Many people report that the pain they feel in their teeth and gums before a root canal is far worse than what they feel after having it done. If you think you may need this type of treatment, it’s essential to see our NYC dentist for help right away.

What Is Root Canal Treatment?

In most situations, teeth are meant to last your entire life. However, bacteria is working against you. Disease and injury to teeth can leave you with pain and discomfort. Over time, this can worsen and cause damage to the dental pulp. This is the soft tissue that’s located within the inner portion of the tooth. It is where the blood vessels and nerves are located. When bacteria invades this area and grows there, it causes inflammation and infection. This requires treatment. The most common causes include deep cavities, fillings, cracked or chipped teeth, or serious injury to the tooth that exposes this inner material.

root canalIn a root canal, your dentist will enter into this pulp area and remove the inflamed tissues as well as the bacteria present. He or she will do this by filing into the tooth from the top. Although many people think big, painful drills are used, that’s not the case. In most situations, you’ll feel very little discomfort as this happens. After removing the inflamed tissue and infection, your dentist will flush the area out to ensure it is clean. Then, he or she will fill in this opening and place a crown over the top of it. This helps to seal off the opening again so that it helps minimize the risk that you have buildup present again.

Root canals are an important part of maintaining healthy teeth today. You may not need one at all – even if you have cavities. Yet, if there is any concern about your dental health from this type of infection, it’s important not to avoid having this procedure. It can help to preserve your oral health and safeguard your tooth. Come in to see our experienced and trusted New York City dentist for the help and support you need.

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What Causes Sensitive Teeth?

sensitive teethDo your teeth hurt? Though the nerves in teeth are buried deep into the roots, it is possible for your teeth to become sensitive. This happens over time as the enamel on your teeth – which is the white exterior covering on them – wears down. Sensitive teeth can be painful and they can also impact your quality of life.



Proper dental hygiene can help and seeing your dentist is important. However, it’s just as important to understand the underlying causes of sensitive teeth so you can avoid worsening the condition.

What’s Causing Your Tooth Pain?

Sensitivity isn’t the same as a traditional toothache. It may feel like a tingling. In other cases, it is a sharp, intense pain that goes away within a few seconds. It can be brought on by a variety of factors but these are the leading causes for most people.

  • sensitive_teethYou’re brushing your teeth too hard. It is possible to brush too hard, using a bristle brush that’s too hard, or to use too much product while cleaning your teeth. This causes a wearing down of the exterior protective layer on your teeth, leading to significant pain.
  • You’re eating a lot acid-based foods. Acidic foods also damage the enamel of the tooth. While eating them is possible, you should brush your teeth as soon as possible minimizing the amount of time these acids come in contact with your teeth. Products with high acidic counts include citrus, tomatoes, kiwi, pickles, and similar types of foods.
  • Are you using too much mouthwash? Though mouthwash does work very well to kill the bacteria present in your mouth, it can damage your tooth’s exterior especially in situations where you use it frequently.
  • Gum disease is present. Gum disease is another leading cause of tooth sensitivity. It’s important to recognize the risk that your gums are damaged and then to seek proper treatment for them.
  • You’re using a lot of whitening products. Whitening products offer cosmetic benefits – they make your teeth look whiter. However, they don’t necessarily improve dental health.

If you have sensitivity, seek out a dentist right away. You can come in to see our experienced and trusted NYC dentist for a full examination. Let our team help you to determine why you have this type of tooth pain and what can be done to help you to overcome it in the long term and right away.

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Are You Visiting a “Green” Dentist?

green dentistMany people today worry about being environmentally safe. In addition, there’s growing knowledge and understanding of unhealthy risks and exposures. Turning to a green dentist is an option. What is this type of professional and why should you trust someone that offers “green” solutions to your dental care needs?

In short, it can provide you with peace of mind while also helping you to remain healthy. There are a few things you need to know when looking for a dentist that’s truly going to offer the best products for you that are safe.


What Is the Problem?

Many people worry about the materials and products used for years that now seem to be health risks. For example, old silver fillings are a concern for many. Could the toxins from those fillings leach into your body? It is possible, which is why you’ll want to turn to a professional that doesn’t offer these products.

If you have old silver fillings, you should talk to your dentist about replacing them. This is very important when the fillings are broken. Of course, if you just don’t feel comfortable having these in your mouth replace them. However, not all silver fillings require this. Mercury vapor, which is the problem with these silver fillings, is only released when the filling placed, removed, or broken. This can also be a factor if you aggressively grind your teeth.

green dentistWhen choosing a professional to handle this removal, it’s important that a high speed suction and isolation solution is used. Safe mercury removal should be done by a professional with ample experience.


The use of a Rubber Dam may be necessary as well. Most importantly, turn to a dental office that specializes in this type of treatment.
New solutions are more effective and less risky. Our offices, we also use BPA-free fillings. This is also important for patients to look for. BPA products are commonly used in fillings and they are a risky product. There are some links to BPA being a carcinogen. It’s simply a better option to choose a dental office that doesn’t use any of these high risk products.

It only takes a minute to find out if your dental office is really a safe place to go for green, healthy solutions. When you come in to see the best dentist in New York City, you’ll get the type of care you want and need.

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Why Is Dental Health So Important?

dental healthIt’s easy to forget to brush your teeth or to not take flossing seriously. However, dental health is vital to your overall health. In many situations, your oral health can lead to serious health complications if you don’t take care of your teeth properly. Many people don’t recognize the connection here, but it is a powerful one to keep in mind.

What Are the Risks to Your Health from Poor Dental Hygiene?

The most common complication to health related to dental care has to do with your teeth, of course. Without proper care, they will become built up with plaque and, over time, that buildup of bacteria can lead to damage to the bone of your jaw. You may lose your teeth. You may suffer significant and chronic bad breath. However, the problem extends further than this.

Bacteria and buildup of plaque in the mouth has contributed to the development of a higher risk of stroke. Some of the debris that builds up may be hard to see, but it can enter the blood stream and cause a lung, heart, or brain blockage. In addition, researchers have found a link between poor oral health and heart disease. And, the high level of bacteria in your mouth can contribute to inflammation in other areas of your body. All of this taxes your body’s immune system as it works to fight it off.

What Can You Do?

The good news is that there are simple ways to work towards reducing these risks. For example, seeing your dentist at least one time every six months is very important. Brushing two or three times a day is also highly recommended. Flossing between meals can significantly cut down the amount of buildup present. And, using an anti-microbial mouthwash helps to kill off that developing bacteria as well. All of this can help to ensure that your dental health remains as healthy as possible.

dental healthWhen you come in to see the best dentist in New York City, we’ll work closely with you to find out if there are any big risk factors present. We’ll also help you to get your dental health at the highest level possible. To accomplish this, we’ll perform a full exam and x-rays. With careful attention from a dental care provider, you can overcome many of the health risks you face and maintain a healthy smile as well.

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best-dentist-midtown-nyc-nyDentistry is a branch of medicine that is involved in the study, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases, disorders and conditions of the oral cavity, commonly in the dentition but also the oral mucosa, and of adjacent and related structures and tissues, particularly in the maxillofacial (jaw and facial) area. Although primarily associated with teeth among the general public, the field of dentistry or dental medicine is not limited to teeth but includes other aspects of the craniofacial complex including the temperomandibular and other supporting structures. The term dentistry comes from odontology (from Ancient Greek ὀδούς (odoús, “tooth”) – the study of the structure, development, and abnormalities of the teeth. Because of their substantial overlap in concept, dentistry is often also understood to subsume the now largely defunct medical specialty of stomatology (the study of the mouth and its disorders and diseases) for which reason the two terms are used interchangeably in certain regions.

best-dentist-midtown-nyc-ny-tooth-diagramDentistry is important for overall health. Dental treatment is carried out by the dental team, which often consists of a dentist and dental auxiliaries (dental assistants, dental hygienists, dental technicians, and dental therapists). Most dentists work in private practices (primary care), although some work in dental hospitals and hospitals (secondary care) and institutions (prisons, armed forces bases, etc.).

The history of dentistry is almost as ancient as the history of humanity and civilization with the earliest evidence dating from 7000 BC. Remains from the early Harappan periods of the Indus Valley Civilization (c. 3300 BC) show evidence of teeth having been drilled dating back 9,000 years. It is thought that dental surgery was the first specialization from medicine.